Soul Searching: Eric Himan reinvents himself (again) with a funky, neo-soul vibe on his new CD, ‘Gracefully’

OCTOBER 17, 2014 by Eric Himan


I’m not constantly trying to reinvent myself,” Eric Himan declares. But even if he’s not trying to, it’s what he seems to do.

Himan might disagree, seeing each new phase of his career, each new album, as a natural progression. But even he would concede that working on his latest album, Gracefully — which came out just last week, and for which he kicks off his national tour in Dallas Aug. 17 — marked an evolution in his way of working.

It’s only logical that it would. Himan has been at the music game for 12 years, spreading his rockabilly influenced sound. A few years ago, he teamed up with a brother and sister act — calling themselves Eric Himan and the Adams — and added an electrified edge to his typically acoustic-laden songs.

He split with the Adams in 2011. Then last year, Himan married his husband Ryan (they just celebrated their first anniversary) and simultaneously launched an online fundraising campaign to finance a new CD.

“We raised $16,000, and I started [recording] in October,” Himan says. “It had more of a rock approach, but it didn’t feel refined to me —  it was like I was giving away demos.”

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