A Comprehensive Guide to Paramore’s 2023 Tour: Tickets, Cities, and Opening Acts

Are you a die-hard fan of Paramore and their electrifying music performances? If so, you’re in luck! The popular American rock band is embarking on a tour in 2023, and it’s already generating lots of buzz in the music industry.

The Paramore ATL tour promises to bring an unforgettable experience to fans in various cities across the US, including the iconic city of Atlanta and Atlantic City. But, before you start planning your trip, there are a few things you need to know about this tour.

This blog post is your ultimate guide to the Paramore tour. We’ll cover everything from ticket information and tour dates to opening acts and previous controversies that have made headlines.

So, grab your headphones and let’s dive deeper into the world of Paramore’s 2023 tour!

Exploring the Paramore Atlanta Scene

Atlanta has been a renowned hub for alternative rock bands for decades, and Paramore is undoubtedly one of the most famous out of all of them. Over the years, the band has performed in countless events across the city, leaving behind a devotional following of enthusiastic fans. In this section, we’ll be exploring the vibrant Paramore Atlanta music scene and what makes it so special.

Paramore Atlanta Concert Venues

Several venues in Atlanta have hosted Paramore’s electrifying concerts, and each one has a distinct vibe and a unique history. Here are some of the popular venues that Paramore has played at:

  • Tabernacle
  • Masquerade
  • Fox Theater
  • Philips Arena
  • Infinite Energy Arena

All of these venues offer guests a chance to experience the magic of Paramore live, and each one has a different ambiance depending on the kind of show you’re looking for. From more intimate experiences at the Masquerade to high-energy performances at Philips Arena and Infinite Energy Arena, Atlanta’s venues offer something for everyone.

Paramore Meet and Greet Experiences

For some fans, attending a Paramore concert is not enough, and they would go to any lengths to meet their favorite band members. Luckily for them, Paramore has offered meet and greet experiences in the past. These exclusive sessions are a dream come true for fans who want an up-close and personal interaction with their favorite musicians and a chance to get their merchandise signed.

A Brief History of Paramore in Atlanta

Atlanta holds a special place in Paramore’s history, and the band has had a long-standing relationship with the city. Hayley Williams, the frontwoman of the band, has previously revealed that she has a fondness for Atlanta’s food and music. Additionally, Paramore has played several shows in Atlanta, including their performance in 2008 at the Tabernacle, which led to the release of their live DVD, “The Final Riot!”

Atlanta is undoubtedly a hub for the alternative rock genre, and Paramore has been an integral part of the city’s music scene. Their electrifying concerts, meet and greet sessions, and warm relationship with the city have made them a fan favorite. Whether you’ve been a long-time fan of Paramore or are looking to explore Atlanta’s music scene, attending one of their shows is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Buying Paramore tickets through Ticketmaster

Are you looking to score tickets to see your favorite band, Paramore? Ticketmaster is one of the most secure and reliable sources to purchase your tickets. In this section, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about buying Paramore tickets through Ticketmaster.

Why choose Ticketmaster?

  • Ticketmaster guarantees legitimate tickets to upcoming events, including the tours by Paramore.
  • They have a secure transaction process that ensures your personal information is protected at all times.
  • Ticketmaster offers different options for delivery such as mobile tickets, print-at-home tickets, and standard mail.

How to buy Paramore tickets through Ticketmaster

Here are the simple steps to purchase Paramore tickets through Ticketmaster:
1. Go to Ticketmaster’s official website.
2. Search for Paramore concert tickets by using their name, or the tour name, or the location where the concert will be held.
3. Choose the date, seat location, and the quantity of your desired tickets.
4. Click on the “Buy” button and proceed to checkout.
5. Fill out your personal information and payment details.
6. Review your order and click “Submit.”

Tips for buying Paramore tickets through Ticketmaster

To make sure you won’t miss out on seeing Paramore in concert:
– Sign up for Ticketmaster’s newsletter to get updates on upcoming events, presales, and other exclusive offers.
– Always purchase your tickets directly from the Ticketmaster website to avoid paying extra charges.
– Be prepared and have your credit/debit card ready to complete your transaction quickly.
– Keep checking the website regularly for any changes in the schedule or new ticket releases.

Wrapping up, buying Paramore tickets through Ticketmaster is hassle-free and one of the best ways to secure a spot to see your favorite band perform live. Follow the tips we’ve shared in this section, and you’ll be grooving along to “Still Into You” and “Misery Business” in no time!

Paramore Tickets 2023

Are you a hardcore Paramore fan eagerly waiting for the band’s next tour? Excitingly, Paramore has announced their tour dates for 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about Paramore tickets for their 2023 tour.

Tour Dates

Paramore will tour North America in 2023, starting from June and ending in August. The band is set to play a total of 25 dates in 25 cities across the country, including Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Ticket Prices

The ticket prices will vary depending on the venue and seating options. However, tickets for the upcoming 2023 tour are expected to range from $50 to $150, with VIP packages available.

Ticket Sales

Paramore will release tickets to their fan club members on a priority basis, followed by the general public. As a true fan, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get your hands on tickets. Here’s how:

  • Register on the band’s official website to become a fan club member.
  • Sign up for the band’s newsletter to stay updated on the tour dates.
  • Follow their social media pages to stay informed about the ticket sale dates.

Ticket Resale and Scams

Unfortunately, ticket resale and scams are common, especially for popular bands like Paramore. Here are some tips to avoid ticket fraud:

  • Purchase tickets only from authorized sellers such as Ticketmaster, Live Nation, or the venue box office.
  • Never buy tickets from scalpers or street vendors outside the concert.
  • If you’re buying tickets from an individual, ensure that they are legitimate and have no intention of scamming you.

Paramore’s 2023 tour is one of the most anticipated events for their fans. Don’t miss this chance to see your favorite band performing live. Follow the tips shared above to avoid being scammed and to ensure you get your tickets safely. So, mark your calendars and get ready to rock with Paramore in 2023.

Exploring Paramore’s Atlantic City Connection

If you’re a Paramore fan, you may already know that the band has a unique connection to Atlantic City. Here are some interesting facts about Paramore’s connection to Atlantic City:

The Band Has Performed in Atlantic City Several Times

Paramore has performed in Atlantic City several times, making it one of their favorite tour stops. The band has played at venues such as the House of Blues at Showboat Casino, the Central Pier, and the Borgata Music Box.

Atlantic City Inspired the Song “Part II”

“Part II” is a song on Paramore’s self-titled album, released in 2013. Hayley Williams, the lead vocalist, explained in an interview that the song was inspired by the band’s experiences in Atlantic City.

The Band Loves to Dine in Atlantic City

On their tour stops in Atlantic City, the band enjoys visiting local restaurants. In one interview, Hayley Williams mentioned that the band loved eating at The Continental, a popular restaurant in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City is Featured in the Music Video for “Fake Happy”

“Fake Happy” is a song from Paramore’s latest album, After Laughter. The music video features several locations in Atlantic City, including the boardwalk and Steel Pier. The video also features Hayley Williams walking in front of a mural of the word “Atlantic” and sipping a drink from an AC souvenir cup.

The Band’s Love for Atlantic City Goes Both Ways

The band’s love for Atlantic City is reciprocated by the locals. Whenever Paramore is in town, fans show up in droves to see them. Some fans even make signs and bring gifts to show their appreciation for the band.

Overall, Atlantic City holds a special place in the hearts of the members of Paramore. With its vibrant music scene and beautiful beach, it’s easy to see why. If you ever have the chance to visit and see Paramore perform in Atlantic City, don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Who Is Paramore Touring With?

Paramore, the American alternative rock band, is gearing up for another tour, and fans cannot wait to see them live. The question on everyone’s lips right now is, “Who is Paramore touring with?” Well, wonder no more; here are the details!

Touring With:

Paramore will be touring with two other amazing bands; Foster the People and Soccer Mommy. Fans of alternative rock are in for a treat, as all three bands bring a unique sound and style to the table.

Foster the People:

Foster the People is a Los Angeles based band formed in 2009. The band’s sound is a mix of indie pop and alternative rock, and they gained widespread popularity with their hit song, “Pumped Up Kicks,” in 2011. Since then, the band has released three studio albums and has toured extensively around the world.

Soccer Mommy:

Soccer Mommy is the solo project of singer-songwriter Sophie Allison, who started releasing music from her bedroom in 2015. The 24-year-old’s music is a beautiful blend of indie rock, folk, and country, and her debut album, “Clean,” was critically acclaimed and considered one of the best albums of 2018.

Tour Dates:

Paramore, Foster The People, and Soccer Mommy will be touring in various cities across America, including Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, and many more. The tour kicks off in June and runs through to July.


In conclusion, Paramore is touring with Foster the People and Soccer Mommy, and it promises to be an absolute blast. Fans of alternative rock should make sure to catch this tour and experience the very best of these three fantastic bands.

Paramore Tour 2023 Opening Act

Paramore is a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, known for their high-energy performances and catchy tunes. As fans eagerly await Paramore’s upcoming tour in 2023, one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is who will be the opening act?

Here are some potential options to consider:

1. Young the Giant

The California-based indie rock band, Young the Giant, would be a perfect complement to Paramore’s energetic and dynamic style. They are known for their hit single “My Body” and have a loyal following of their own.

2. The 1975

The 1975 is a British pop-rock band that would add a unique sound to the tour. With their danceable beats and catchy hooks, they would get the crowd hyped up and ready for Paramore’s explosive performance.


As another band with strong female vocals, CHVRCHES would be a great choice for the opening act. Their synth-pop sound would bring a fresh and exciting energy to the tour, and their hit single “The Mother We Share” would be sure to get the crowd singing along.

4. Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is a dynamic duo that mixes rock, rap, and electronic sounds to create a unique sound that would be a perfect start to the tour. With their high-energy performances and loyal fanbase, they would put on a show that fans won’t forget.

5. Foals

The British band, Foals, would be another fantastic choice for the opening act. Their blend of indie rock and dance music would bring a unique sound to the tour, and their hit song “My Number” would get the crowd dancing and singing along.

In conclusion, there are many potential opening acts that would fit perfectly with Paramore’s unique sound and style. Fans will have to wait and see who is chosen, but in the meantime, they can enjoy the anticipation and excitement of what promises to be an unforgettable tour.

How Long Does a Paramore Concert Last?

Have you ever wondered how long a Paramore concert lasts? Well, you’re not alone. Many fans want to know the approximate timing of a Paramore concert before buying their tickets. In this subsection, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about the length of Paramore concerts.

Setlist and Duration of Paramore Concerts

The length of a Paramore concert depends on various factors, including the venue, the tour, and the setlist. Here are some of the factors that affect the duration and setlist of Paramore concerts:

  • Tour: Each tour has a different setlist and duration. For example, their After Laughter Tour included 20 songs and lasted about an hour and a half.
  • Opening acts: If there are opening acts, the concert may last longer. Typically, Paramore concerts have one or two opening acts before they come on stage.
  • Encore: Like most bands, Paramore usually performs an encore after the main set. The encore may include 2-3 songs, which can add 15-20 minutes to the concert duration.

In general, a Paramore concert lasts around 2 hours, including the encore. The concert setlist usually includes 18-20 songs, depending on the tour and any new albums released.

Tips for Enjoying a Paramore Concert

Now that you know how long a Paramore concert lasts let’s give you some tips on how to make the most of your concert experience. Here are some suggestions to make your experience more enjoyable:

  • Get there early: Arriving at the venue early can help you snag a good spot near the stage. This can enhance your overall experience and give you a good view of the band during the concert.
  • Prepare for the weather: During outdoor concerts, the weather can be unpredictable and change suddenly. You want to make sure you dress appropriately or carry an extra jacket or umbrella if necessary.
  • Stay hydrated: You’ll probably dance and jump around a lot during the concert, so make sure you are well-hydrated beforehand and bring a water bottle with you.
  • Charge your phone: You’ll want to document the concert experience and take pictures or videos, so ensure your phone is fully charged, or carry a power bank to avoid running out of battery.
  • Sing along to your favorite songs: One of the best things about attending a concert is singing along to your favorite songs. So, review the setlist beforehand and familiarize yourself with the lyrics to make it more enjoyable.

In conclusion, Paramore concerts usually last around 2 hours, including the encore and have 18-20 songs in their setlist. Remember, concert experiences can be unpredictable, so be prepared for sudden changes. With these tips and information, you’re now equipped to have an enjoyable concert experience while listening to your favorite songs.

Touring with Paramore in 2023

After a long hiatus, Paramore is hitting the road again in 2023 for a highly anticipated tour. Fans of the band are excited for their upcoming shows and are curious to know who will be accompanying them on their travels. In this section, we’ll take a look at the lineup for Paramore’s 2023 tour and what makes each artist special.

Who’s on the Bill?

Here are the artists who will be touring with Paramore in 2023:

  • Hayley Williams: The lead vocalist and founder of Paramore needs no introduction. She’s known for her powerful voice and captivating stage presence, which has earned her a legion of fans worldwide.

  • Billie Eilish: The Grammy-winning pop star will be joining Paramore as a special guest. Her unique style and heartfelt lyrics have made her one of the most exciting artists of her generation. Expect fans to go wild when she takes the stage.

  • Maggie Rogers: The Maryland-born singer-songwriter gained notoriety after her song “Alaska” went viral in 2016. Since then, she’s released two critically acclaimed albums and has become known for her catchy hooks and intimate lyrics.

  • Lorde: The New Zealand-born singer exploded onto the scene in 2013 with her debut album “Pure Heroine.” Her unique voice and innovative production have made her one of the most sought-after performers in pop music.

  • Marina: The Welsh singer-songwriter has been making waves in the music industry since her 2010 debut album “The Family Jewels.” Known for her eclectic style and fearless approach to music, she’s sure to bring a fresh energy to the tour.

What You Can Expect

With such a diverse lineup of talented artists, there’s no doubt that Paramore’s 2023 tour will be an unforgettable experience. Here are some things to look forward to:

  • High-energy performances that will leave you breathless
  • Powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence from all the artists
  • A mix of new and classic songs from each artist’s repertoire
  • Special collaborations between the artists that you won’t hear anywhere else
  • An all-ages crowd that’s ready to have a good time

There you have it – a sneak peek at who will be touring with Paramore in 2023. With such an exciting lineup, this is sure to be one of the most anticipated tours of the year. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Paramore or just enjoy good music, there’s something for everyone on this tour. Get your tickets early and get ready to rock out with some of the biggest names in pop music!

What Happened at the Paramore Show?

If you’re a fan of Paramore or alternative rock, you must have heard about their recent show in Atlanta. It was a night to remember for fans as it was an emotional rollercoaster ride of music and entertainment. Here’s everything you need to know about what happened at the Paramore show:

High-Energy Performances

One thing that stood out at the Paramore show was the high-energy performances of the band members. From Hayley Williams’ stunning vocals to Taylor York’s guitar riffs, every member brought their A-game to the stage, making the show a memorable one. The crowd couldn’t get enough of the dynamic performances and had a blast throughout the show.

Tribute to Black Lives Matter & LBGTQ+ Community

Apart from the electrifying performances, the Paramore show also focused on important social issues. The band paid tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement and the LGBTQ+ community by showcasing their support through their performance. This was a heartwarming moment that made the audience feel connected to the band and their message.

Surprise Guest Appearances

The show was full of surprises as the band welcomed some surprise guests on stage. Fans were delighted when the American recording artist Kacey Musgraves joined the band on stage to perform their hit song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” It was an unexpected collaboration that left everyone cheering for more.

Fan Involvement

Fans were an integral part of the Paramore show. The band took the opportunity to interact with their fans and make them feel appreciated. From dedicating songs to fans to bringing them on stage, Paramore made sure their fans felt involved in the show. The band’s connection with their fans was one of the highlights of the night.

Setlist Highlights

The setlist for the Paramore show was a mix of old and new songs that had the audience singing along to every word. Highlights include “Still Into You,” “Misery Business,” and “Ain’t It Fun.” The band also played some lesser-known tracks that were a treat for long-time fans. It was a well-curated setlist that showcased the band’s versatility and stage presence.

In conclusion, the Paramore show was a fantastic experience for both fans and non-fans alike. With their dynamic performances, focus on social issues, surprise guest appearances, and fan involvement, the band made sure the show was a night to remember. If you missed the show, you missed out on some fantastic performances, but you can always catch them on their next tour.

Who’s Opening for Paramore in Atlanta?

If you’re a Paramore fan, then you’re probably excited about their upcoming concert in Atlanta. But who’s opening for them? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Foster the People

It’s official! Foster the People will be opening for Paramore on their Atlanta tour date. If you’re not familiar with them, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Foster the People is an American indie pop band formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009
  • Their breakout hit was “Pumped Up Kicks,” which became a viral sensation in 2010
  • They’ve released three studio albums to date, with their most recent album, “Sacred Hearts Club,” dropping in 2017

2. Other Possible Openers

While Foster the People is the confirmed opener for Paramore’s Atlanta show, there were rumors of other potential openers. Some of the names that were tossed around include:

  • Bleachers
  • The Aces
  • Pale Waves

While these bands won’t be opening for Paramore in Atlanta, they’re still worth checking out if you’re a fan of the genre.

3. What to Expect from Foster the People’s Set

If you’re not familiar with Foster the People’s music, here’s a brief overview of what to expect from their set:

  • Expect catchy pop hooks and upbeat rhythms
  • Foster the People’s sound is often compared to bands like Passion Pit and MGMT
  • They have a reputation for putting on an energetic and engaging live show, so get ready to dance and sing along!

4. Tips for Enjoying the Concert

Now that you know who’s opening for Paramore in Atlanta, here are some tips for enjoying the concert to the fullest:

  • Arrive early to get a good spot near the stage
  • Stay hydrated throughout the night
  • Wear comfortable shoes (you’ll be on your feet a lot!)
  • Bring earplugs to protect your hearing
  • Be respectful of other fans and follow the venue’s rules and guidelines

With Foster the People opening for Paramore in Atlanta, this is a concert you won’t want to miss. Get ready for a night of great music, high energy, and unforgettable memories.