Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade: A Colorful Celebration of Culture and Community

If you’re a fan of parades and cultural festivals, then Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade is an event you can’t miss. It’s a vibrant celebration of Norway’s Constitution Day observed every 17th May.

The Brooklyn Norwegian community has been celebrating this event for over 60 years. This festive parade brings together hundreds of participants from Norwegian groups, schools, and organizations in Brooklyn and nearby areas.

But what exactly is the Norwegian Day Parade? Simply put, it’s a parade that showcases Norwegian culture, heritage, and traditions. It’s an opportunity for Norwegians living in Brooklyn and their friends to come together, celebrate their shared heritage, and express their pride in being Norwegian.

The Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade has become a significant event in the community, attracting both locals and tourists. If you’re wondering about the parade’s route and schedule, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more about this year’s parade, its route, and what to expect.

Get ready for a day of fun, excitement, and cultural immersion. The Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade promises to be a memorable event that will leave you feeling inspired and connected to the Norwegian community. So mark your calendars and join us for this colorful celebration of culture and community!

What is Brooklyn Day?

Brooklyn Day is a special day celebrated by the community of Brooklyn, where residents come together to celebrate their borough’s unique culture, history, and heritage. The celebration is usually held on the third Monday of May, which is a public holiday in honor of Brooklyn’s incorporation into the City of New York on May 28, 1898.

Here are some key takeaways about Brooklyn Day:

  • Brooklyn Day is also commonly known as Brooklyn-Queens Day or Anniversary Day.
  • The day was first celebrated as a holiday in Brooklyn in 1861 after the passing of the Brooklyn City Charter.
  • In the past, Brooklyn Day was celebrated alongside Queens Day, but the latter was discontinued in 2013.
  • The Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade is one of the most popular events held during the Brooklyn Day festivities.
  • The parade celebrates the contributions of the Norwegian-American community to the borough’s history, culture, and heritage.

Brooklyn Day is a time for Brooklynites to come together and celebrate their pride in their borough. Over the years, the day has become a popular occasion for community events, street fairs, concerts, and parades.

If you’re visiting Brooklyn during the celebrations, here are some of the activities you can expect to participate in:

  • The Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade, which is a colorful procession of marching bands, dancers, floats, and traditional Norwegian costumes.
  • Street fairs and food festivals showcasing the diverse cuisine and culture of Brooklyn.
  • Cultural exhibitions and art shows featuring local artists and artisans.
  • Live music performances by popular local and international musicians.
  • Outdoor film screenings and theater productions.

Whether you’re a Brooklynite or a visitor to the borough, Brooklyn Day is an excellent opportunity to experience the unique culture, history, and beauty of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Parade Today

Are you excited about the Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade today? If not, you’re about to be! Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s parade:

Parade Route

The parade will start at 81st Street and Third Avenue in Bay Ridge and continue along Third Avenue, ending at 67th Street. It’s recommended to arrive early to secure a great spot to watch the parade.

Parade Participants

The Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade is a celebration of Norwegian heritage and culture in New York City. You can expect to see a variety of participants in the parade, including:

  • Marching bands
  • Dance groups
  • Norwegian-American organizations
  • Local businesses
  • Colorful floats

Parade Time

Today’s Brooklyn parade will kick off at 1 pm sharp! Don’t be late, or you might miss some of the highlights.

Things to Bring

To make the most of your parade experience, don’t forget to bring along these essentials:

  • A comfortable chair or blanket to sit on
  • Snacks and drinks to keep you hydrated
  • Sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays
  • A camera to capture all the exciting moments

This year’s Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade promises to be a great celebration of Norwegian heritage and culture in New York City. So grab your chair, snacks, and head to Third Avenue to enjoy the parade with your family and friends. You surely wouldn’t want to miss the fun and excitement of Brooklyn parade today!

The 17th of May Parade in Brooklyn: A Celebration of Norwegian Culture

Brooklyn is home to one of the largest Norwegian communities in the United States, and every year on May 17th, this community celebrates its heritage with a lively and colorful parade. Here’s what you need to know about the 17th of May Parade in Brooklyn:

History of the Parade

  • The parade started in 1952 and has been an annual event ever since.
  • It was first organized by the Norwegian Immigration Association, now known as the Norwegian-American 17th of May Committee of Greater New York.
  • The parade is held in honor of Norway’s Constitution Day, which celebrates the country’s independence from Denmark in 1814.

The Route

  • The parade route starts at 3rd Ave and 88th St in Bay Ridge and ends at 67th St and 5th Ave.
  • The route is about two miles long.

What to Expect

  • The parade features a variety of Norwegian-themed floats, marching bands, and traditional Norwegian costumes.
  • Many parade participants wave Norwegian flags and play music on traditional Norwegian instruments such as the Hardanger fiddle.
  • Children can participate in the parade by riding bikes or rollerblades decorated with Norwegian flags and other Norwegian symbols.

Other Celebrations

  • After the parade, many participants head to the nearby Leif Ericson Park, where there are Norwegian food and craft vendors, music performances, and other festivities.
  • The Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Brooklyn also hosts a variety of events on May 17th to celebrate Norwegian culture and heritage.

Tips for Enjoying the Parade

  • Arrive early to find a good spot along the parade route.
  • Bring a lawn chair or a blanket to sit on.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Bring cash to purchase food and crafts from vendors at the post-parade festivities.

In conclusion, the 17th of May Parade in Brooklyn is an exciting and fun-filled celebration of Norwegian culture. Whether you’re Norwegian or just interested in learning more about Norwegian heritage, this parade is a must-see event that is sure to delight and entertain.

Bay Ridge Norwegian Parade Route for 2023

The Norwegian Day Parade in Brooklyn is a colorful and joyous celebration of the Norwegian heritage. The parade passes through various neighborhoods, including Bay Ridge, one of the significant neighborhoods in Brooklyn that hosts the parade annually. In this section, we’ll give you a summary of what to expect from the Norwegian Parade Bay Ridge 2023 route.

Route Overview

The parade route for Bay Ridge 2023 will be slightly different from previous years due to some changes in the program. Here is an overview of the route:

  • Starting at 3rd Avenue and 80th St, the parade will travel north to 94th St.
  • At 94th St, the parade will turn right and continue east three blocks to 4th Avenue.
  • The parade will then turn left on 4th Avenue and head north to 75th St.
  • At 75th St, the parade will take a right turn and return to 3rd Avenue.

Key Takeaways

  • The Bay Ridge Parade is an annual event organized by the Norwegian-American 17th of May committee in Brooklyn.
  • The parade celebrates Norway’s National Day and Norwegian heritage.
  • Bay Ridge is a famous Brooklyn neighborhood known for its picturesque views, diverse culture, and friendly people.
  • The parade marches through the heart of Bay Ridge, offering a unique perspective on the community’s culture.
  • Visitors can expect to see traditional Norwegian costumes, marching bands, Scandinavian-themed floats, and many more exciting attractions.

What to expect

Suppose you are planning to attend the Norwegian Parade Bay Ridge 2023 route, then you are in for a treat. Here are some exciting things to expect:

  • The parade route will be bustling with energy, music, and cheers from all attendees.
  • Expect to see a lot of Norwegian flags, traditional dress, and Viking helmets.
  • Many local businesses, including restaurants and bars, will be offering Norwegian-themed food and drinks.
  • The parade route passes through some of Bay Ridge’s most iconic landmarks, such as the historic Fort Hamilton and the picturesque Shore Road Park.
  • At the end of the parade, visitors can join the 17th of May Committee for a post-parade celebration, where they can enjoy some authentic Norwegian cuisine and interact with other parade-goers.

Whether you’re Norwegian or not, attending the Norwegian Parade Bay Ridge is an experience like no other. The vibrant culture, beautiful sights, and friendly atmosphere make it an event worth attending. So mark your calendars for 2023 to catch a glimpse of the parade and revel in the beautiful Bay Ridge neighborhood.

What Pier Does Norwegian Use in New York?

If you’re planning on attending the Norwegian Day Parade in Brooklyn, you might be wondering about the details of where the parade begins and ends. Generally, the parade begins at 3rd Avenue and 80th Street and travels along 3rd Avenue to 67th Street. However, where does the Norwegian Cruise Line disembark their passengers in New York?

Here’s what you need to know about Norwegian’s pier in New York:


Norwegian Cruise Line’s ships dock at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal in New York. The terminal is located on the west side of Midtown Manhattan, on the Hudson River. You can easily identify the terminal by its two large white sail-like structures.


If you’re flying into New York to embark on a Norwegian Cruise, you have a few options for getting to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. You can take a taxi or rideshare service, which will cost you roughly $50-70 from John F. Kennedy International Airport or LaGuardia Airport, depending on traffic. Another option is to take public transportation. You can take the subway or a bus to the Port Authority Bus Terminal near the cruise terminal and then walk or take a taxi from there.


If you’re driving to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, there are options for parking near the terminal. The Standard Parking Garage at 345 West 58th Street is a few blocks away from the terminal and costs about $40 per day for parking. There is also parking available at the terminal, although it can be pricey, starting at around $40 per day.

Terminal Amenities

The Manhattan Cruise Terminal offers a variety of amenities for passengers waiting to board their ships. There are several restaurants, shops, and bars within the terminal, as well as free Wi-Fi and charging stations for electronic devices. The terminal also has luggage storage available for a fee, allowing passengers to explore the city before or after their cruise without dragging their bags around.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Norwegian Cruise Line docks its ships at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal in New York. Whether you’re arriving by plane, subway, or car, there are options for transportation and parking to make the journey as smooth as possible. And with plenty of amenities available at the terminal, you’ll have everything you need to start your Norwegian cruise off on the right foot.