Give More Love: Celebrating Ringo Starr’s Enduring Legacy

Ringo Starr, the beloved drummer of The Beatles, is widely known for his energetic drumming, catchy tunes, and charming persona. But even though he’s often overshadowed by his bandmates, there’s no denying that he’s an absolute legend in his own right. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the fascinating world of Ringo Starr, exploring his life, his music, and his impact on pop culture.

First up, let’s address the elephant in the room – how is Ringo Starr doing these days? Well, the good news is that he’s still alive and kicking at 81 years old! In fact, he’s more active than ever, still performing and recording new music. His latest album, “Ringo Starr – EP3”, was released in 2021 and features a mix of upbeat rock songs and heartfelt ballads.

But Ringo Starr is more than just a musician – he’s also a philosopher of sorts, with a wealth of wise and inspiring quotes. Some of his most famous sayings include “Everything is going to be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end”, “I’m not afraid of anything. I just like to know what I’m up against”, and “I’m just a cosmic surfer riding the waves of life”. These words of wisdom are a testament to Ringo’s enduring positivity and resilience.

When it comes to his music, Ringo Starr is known for writing catchy and uplifting songs that always bring a smile to our faces. One of his best-known tracks is “Photograph”, a beautiful ballad that he wrote with fellow Beatle George Harrison. Another iconic song that he wrote is “In a Heartbeat”, which features his signature drumming and soulful vocals.

But perhaps the most touching tribute that Ringo Starr has paid to his bandmate John Lennon is through his music. In the song “Peace Dream”, Ringo sings about his hope for a world where peace and understanding prevail, echoing the sentiments that John championed throughout his life.

Finally, we can’t talk about Ringo Starr without mentioning his close friendship with George Harrison. In fact, George’s final words to Ringo before he passed away were “love one another”, a powerful message that rings true to this day.

In conclusion, Ringo Starr may not get the same level of recognition as his bandmates, but he’s a true gem of a musician and an inspiration to us all. We hope this blog post has given you a deeper appreciation for his life, his music, and his enduring legacy.

Ringo Starr: EP3

Ringo Starr is a legend in the music industry. He’s known for his drumming skills, but he’s also a talented singer and songwriter. In 2021, he released his EP3, which is a collection of five songs. In this section, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from this EP.


Here are the five songs that you’ll find on Ringo Starr’s EP3:

  • Here’s To The Nights
  • Zoom In Zoom Out
  • Teach Me To Tango
  • Waiting For The Tide To Turn
  • Not Enough Love In The World


One of the most exciting things about EP3 is the collaborations. Ringo Starr worked with some incredible artists to create this EP. Here are some of the collaborators you’ll find on EP3:

  • Paul McCartney
  • Finneas
  • Dave Grohl
  • Jenny Lewis
  • Lenny Kravitz


EP3 is a fantastic album, and it’s tough to pick just a few highlights. However, here are some of our favorites:

  • “Here’s To The Nights” is an upbeat song that celebrates the power of friendship. It’s a fun song that will make you want to dance and sing along.
  • “Teach Me To Tango” is a playful song that features Lenny Kravitz. It’s a catchy tune that will get stuck in your head.
  • “Waiting For The Tide To Turn” is a beautiful song that reflects on the current state of the world. It’s a powerful song that will make you feel hopeful.


Here are some key takeaways from Ringo Starr’s EP3:

  • The EP features some incredible collaborations with talented artists.
  • The songs are catchy and fun, but they also have a powerful message.
  • EP3 is a must-listen for any Ringo Starr fan.

In conclusion, Ringo Starr’s EP3 is a fantastic addition to his already impressive discography. The songs are catchy, fun, and meaningful, and the collaborations make the EP even more exciting. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Ringo Starr’s music, you’ll definitely want to give EP3 a listen.

“Giving More Love” to Ringo Starr: How is the Former Beatles Drummer Doing Today?

As one of the renowned members of the legendary Beatles, Ringo Starr is a name that needs no introduction. However, beyond his contribution to the iconic band, what do we know about how he’s doing now? In this section, we’ll look at some key aspects of Ringo Starr’s life, career, and current status.

Life after the Beatles

After the Beatles disbanded, Ringo pursued a solo career, releasing several successful albums that showcased his unique drumming skills and lyrical talent. He also ventured into acting, starring in films and TV shows and portraying memorable characters. However, his personal life wasn’t as smooth as his professional career. Ringo struggled with substance abuse, depression, and marital issues, which affected his health and well-being.

Current status

Thankfully, Ringo has come a long way from his troubled past and is doing much better today. He’s been sober since 1988, supports various charitable causes, and has a happy family life with his wife, Barbara Bach. Ringo still performs and tours actively, delighting fans with his timeless music and infectious personality. He’s also active on social media, sharing updates and insights into his life and work.

Fun Facts about Ringo Starr

  • Ringo’s real name is Richard Starkey.
  • He was the last Beatle to join the band, replacing the original drummer, Pete Best, in 1962.
  • Ringo wrote and sang some of the Beatles’ most beloved songs, including “Yellow Submarine,” “Octopus’s Garden,” and “Don’t Pass Me By.”
  • He’s an avid photographer and has published several books featuring his artwork.
  • Ringo was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, first as a member of the Beatles in 1988, and later as a solo artist in 2015.
  • He’s a big fan of Monty Python and has appeared in several of their films and TV shows.

Key takeaways

  • Ringo Starr is a legendary musician and actor, best known for his contributions to the Beatles.
  • After the Beatles disbanded, Ringo pursued a successful solo career and acting career.
  • Despite personal struggles, Ringo is sober, happy, and active today, continuing to perform and connect with fans worldwide.
  • Ringo is a multifaceted artist with various interests and talents, including photography and comedy.

In conclusion, Ringo Starr may be a seasoned rockstar, but he’s also a human being who has faced his fair share of ups and downs. However, by staying true to his passion and persevering through tough times, he’s emerged stronger and happier than ever. So next time you hear “Give More Love” or any other Ringo tune, remember the man behind the music and celebrate his enduring legacy.

Ringo Starr Famous Quotes

Ringo Starr is not only a famous musician but also famous for his witty and inspiring quotes that have inspired many. Here are some of his most famous quotes that you should know.

“Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.”

Ringo Starr’s quote reminds us to take things lightly and not to take ourselves too seriously. It shows that we need to laugh at ourselves and not take life too seriously.

“The Beatles saved the world from boredom.”

This quote shows the impact that The Beatles had on the world. They brought excitement and joy to people’s lives and made the world a better place.

“I was the drummer in the band, and I hated the spotlight.”

This quote shows how humble Ringo Starr was despite being part of one of the most famous bands in history. It also shows that he was not interested in fame but rather focused on his craft.

“Peace and love. That’s my message.”

Ringo Starr’s quote is simple but powerful. It reminds us that love and peace are key to a better world, and we should strive to spread these values in our daily lives.

“If you’re hung up on nostalgia, pretend today is yesterday and just go out and have one hell of a time.”

This quote shows that we should not dwell on the past but rather focus on enjoying the present and making the most of every moment.

“You know, I’ve got a great life. I’m really lucky.”

Ringo Starr’s quote reminds us to be grateful for what we have and appreciate the blessings in our lives.

“Music is the strongest form of magic.”

This quote shows the power of music and its ability to connect people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ringo Starr’s quotes are known for their humor, wisdom, and inspiration.
  • His quotes encourage us to be humble, grateful, and focus on the present.
  • The power of music is a recurring theme in his quotes.

In conclusion, Ringo Starr’s famous quotes are not only inspiring but also meaningful. They remind us to appreciate the present, be grateful, and always strive for peace and love in our lives.

Give More Love: Ringo Starr in a Heartbeat

As a beloved member of the Beatles, Ringo Starr has already cemented his place in music history. But beyond his iconic drumming and signature wit, there’s still so much to love about the man affectionately known as “Ringo.” In this subsection, we’ll dive into just a few reasons why Ringo Starr deserves even more love, and how he’s continued to be a force in the music industry.

His Advocacy for Peace and Love

Even beyond his music, Ringo has always been vocal about his commitment to promoting peace and love in the world. In fact, he even co-founded the “Peace and Love” movement, which encourages people to spread kindness and goodwill wherever they go. Here are just a few ways Ringo has put his beliefs into action:

  • He donates a portion of proceeds from his tours and merchandise sales to the Lotus Foundation, a charity he co-founded that supports a variety of causes, including animal welfare and substance abuse prevention.
  • He’s spoken out against violence and hatred in the world, encouraging people to come together and find common ground.
  • He’s even written a children’s book, “Octopus’s Garden,” that encourages young readers to embrace imagination and friendship.

His Impact on Modern Music

Though Ringo Starr is sometimes overlooked as a songwriter and musician in his own right, his impact on modern music is undeniable. Here are just a few ways he’s helped shape the sound of popular music:

  • His drumming style was unique and innovative for its time, and influenced countless other musicians.
  • He’s collaborated with a wide range of artists, from legends like Eric Clapton and Billy Preston to newer stars like Post Malone and Charli XCX.
  • He’s continued to release new music and experiment with different styles and sounds, making him a dynamic and ever-evolving artist.

His Infectious Personality

One thing that’s always set Ringo Starr apart is his infectious personality and sense of humor. From his days as a Beatle to his current status as a beloved solo artist, he’s always been quick with a joke or a quip. Here are just a few examples of Ringo’s wit:

  • “I’m not a great singer, but I’m the singer you want to hear.” – Ringo on his vocal talents.
  • “Everything government touches turns to crap.” – Ringo on politics and bureaucracy.
  • “I always knew I was a star, and now the rest of the world seems to agree with me.” – Ringo on his rise to fame.

Give More Love to Ringo Starr

Whether you’re a die-hard Beatles fan or simply appreciate the enduring legacy of Ringo Starr, there’s no denying that he’s a true icon of music and pop culture. From his enduring commitment to peace and love to his impact as a musician and his infectious personality, there are countless reasons to give more love to Ringo. So let’s all spread some peace and love, and celebrate the man behind the music.

What is the Best Song by Ringo Starr?

Ringo Starr has an impressive repertoire that spans several decades, with numerous hits that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Though overshadowed by his talented bandmates, John, Paul, and George, Ringo was an integral part of The Beatles’ success, not only as a drummer but also as a songwriter who has made an indelible mark in musical history.

Here are some of the best songs that Ringo Starr wrote that showcase his exceptional songwriting abilities:

“Octopus’s Garden”

“Octopus’s Garden” is a lighthearted and whimsical song that Ringo Starr wrote for The Beatles’ iconic album, “Abbey Road.” He was inspired by a trip to Sardinia, where he took a boat ride with his family and learned about octopuses hiding in caves. The catchy melody and playful lyrics make this song a fan favorite and a timeless classic.

“It Don’t Come Easy”

“It Don’t Come Easy” was Ringo Starr’s first hit as a solo artist, which he co-wrote with his friend, George Harrison. The upbeat rhythm and bluesy vibe of the song showcase Ringo’s impressive vocal range and drumming skills. It’s a song that inspires hope, perseverance, and the message that success doesn’t come easy.


“Photograph” is a poignant and heartfelt ballad that Ringo co-wrote with George Harrison. The timeless song captures the feeling of longing and nostalgia, which anyone who misses a loved one can relate to. The soulful melody and Ringo’s emotive vocals make this song a genuine masterpiece.

“Don’t Pass Me By”

“Don’t Pass Me By” is Ringo Starr’s first solo composition, which he wrote when he was only 16 years old. It’s a country-style song that features his signature drumming and distinctive vocals. The playful lyrics and catchy melody make this song a fun and entertaining listen.

“You’re Sixteen”

“You’re Sixteen” is a vibrantly upbeat song, which Ringo covered in his 1973 album “Ringo.” The catchy lyrics and fast-paced rhythm make this song a favorite among fans worldwide. The song features the legendary saxophonist King Curtis, whose solo gives the song an extra layer of awesomeness.

Key Takeaways

  • Ringo Starr’s songwriting abilities have made an indelible mark in music history.
  • “Octopus’s Garden,” “It Don’t Come Easy,” “Photograph,” “Don’t Pass Me By,” and “You’re Sixteen” are some of the best songs he wrote.
  • Ringo’s songwriting style is lighthearted, soulful, playful, and nostalgic.
  • His songs have different themes that inspire hope, perseverance, love, and fun.

In conclusion, Ringo Starr is a musical genius who has left a remarkable legacy in the music industry. His songwriting abilities have created timeless classics that capture the hearts of fans worldwide. “Octopus’s Garden,” “It Don’t Come Easy,” “Photograph,” “Don’t Pass Me By,” and “You’re Sixteen” are just a few of the many songs that showcase his exceptional talents as a songwriter. Despite being overshadowed by his bandmates, Ringo Starr’s contributions to The Beatles and his success as a solo artist have cemented his place in music history.

Ringo’s tribute to John Lennon

Ringo Starr and John Lennon shared a strong bond, both musically and personally. When John passed away in 1980, Ringo was devastated, and he found it tough to come to terms with his friend’s untimely demise. Ringo, however, found his own way to pay tribute to John through his music. In this subsection, we will explore the song Ringo wrote about John Lennon.

The story behind “Grow Old with Me”

“Grow Old with Me” is one of Ringo Starr’s most emotional songs which he wrote as a tribute to John and his wife, Yoko Ono. The idea for the song was based on a poem by Robert Browning, which John had given to Ringo before his death.

The song was eventually recorded in 1998 for Ringo’s album, “Vertical Man.” The recording features Paul McCartney on bass guitar and backing vocals, as well as George Martin, who produced the track.

The lyrics

The lyrics of “Grow Old with Me” are deeply personal and reflect the strong bond Ringo shared with John Lennon. The song’s opening lines, “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be,” set the tone for the heartfelt tribute. The song speaks of memories shared with John and the hope that they could have grown old together.

The reception

“Grow Old with Me” became an instant fan-favorite and is one of Ringo’s most beloved songs. Fans worldwide felt the emotion and the deep connection to the song’s lyrics. Moreover, it became an anthem for John Lennon fans who are still mourning his loss.

Key takeaways

Some key takeaways from this subsection are:

  • “Grow Old with Me” is a song Ringo Starr wrote as a tribute to John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono.
  • The song was recorded with the help of Paul McCartney on bass and backing vocals and George Martin who produced the track.
  • The song’s lyrics are deeply personal and reflective of the strong bond Ringo had with John.
  • “Grow Old with Me” became an anthem for John Lennon fans worldwide.

In conclusion, “Grow Old with Me” is a testament to the deep emotions and the strong bond that Ringo had with John Lennon. The song serves as an evergreen tribute to one of music’s most celebrated artists.

George Harrison’s Final Words to Ringo Starr

George Harrison, the “Quiet Beatle,” had a special bond with Ringo Starr, the Fab Four’s drummer. When he was on his deathbed, Harrison’s final words to his good friend Ringo were profound and heartwarming. Here’s what George said:

“Do you want me to come with you?”

According to an interview with Ringo in The Sunday Times, these were the last words George spoke to him before he passed away. The question, as Ringo explained, was in response to the fact that he was leaving the hospital to go attend a family function.

While there is no “correct” response to such a question, Ringo’s reaction reflected the deep friendship and bond between the two musicians. He replied with a simple, heartfelt “No,” since he knew that George needed to focus on his own well-being in those final moments.

Although George Harrison’s final words to Ringo Starr might seem simple and straightforward, they hold a lot of meaning within them. Here are a few key takeaways to keep in mind:

  • The bond between the Beatles was a powerful one, built on years of shared experience and creative collaboration.
  • Even in his final moments, George was thinking of others and being caring and considerate towards those around him.
  • Ringo’s response shows the depth of his love and friendship for George; even though he wanted to be there for him, he recognized that it was more important for George to focus on his own needs in those last moments.

Overall, George Harrison’s final words to Ringo Starr serve as a poignant reminder of the enduring spirit of the Beatles and the deep connections between the band members. While we may never know exactly what was going through George’s mind in those final moments, his words to Ringo help us to understand the profound impact that their friendship had on both of their lives.