Mary J. Blige Wows Fans at the Wells Fargo Center: Tour Dates, Openers, and More

Get ready to experience R&B royalty live on stage as Mary J. Blige takes her 2023 tour to the Wells Fargo Center. Known as the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul,” Mary J. Blige has been captivating audiences with her powerful voice and emotionally charged performances for over three decades.

Not sure what to expect from her upcoming tour? You’re in for a treat! In this blog post, we’ll cover all the details about Mary J. Blige’s concert at the Wells Fargo Center and what makes this show an unmissable event.

Who will be opening for Mary J. Blige, you ask? We’ve got the scoop on that too! We’ll reveal the musicians and performers sharing the stage with the legend herself.

And let’s not forget about the hits! Mary J. Blige has an impressive list of #1 chart-topping songs that have defined generations. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to her music, we’ll run through her most iconic tracks and get you up to speed with everything you need to know before the show.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Mary J. Blige and get ready to experience one of the most anticipated concerts of the year. Are you excited yet? We know we are!

Who is opening for Mary J. Blige?

As fans eagerly anticipate Mary J. Blige’s upcoming concert at the Wells Fargo Center, many are curious about who will be opening for the award-winning singer.

Here are a few potential opening acts that fans may see at the concert:

1. Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is a talented singer, songwriter, and actress known for her soulful, R&B sound. She has been a longtime collaborator of Kanye West and has also worked with artists such as Chris Brown and Usher. With her recent release of the album “The Album,” Teyana has been making waves in the music industry and would be a great addition to Mary J. Blige’s concert lineup.

2. Kehlani

Kehlani is a singer, songwriter, and dancer who has been making waves in the music industry for her unique sound and style. She has collaborated with artists like Cardi B and Chance the Rapper, and her most recent album, “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t,” has been well-received by both fans and critics. With her energy and stage presence, Kehlani would make an excellent opening act for the upcoming concert.

3. H.E.R.

H.E.R. is an up-and-coming artist who has quickly become a fan favorite with her powerful vocals and soulful music. She has won several Grammy Awards and has collaborated with artists such as Khalid and YG. Her most recent album, “Back of My Mind,” has received critical acclaim and has solidified her place in the music industry. With her undeniable talent and stage presence, H.E.R. would be an amazing opening act for the concert.

While these are just a few potential opening acts, fans can expect whoever takes the stage to bring high energy and excitement to the show. Mary J. Blige has a reputation for working with talented artists, so fans can rest assured they will be in for a treat no matter who opens for her.

So get ready to enjoy a night of amazing music and unforgettable performances at the Wells Fargo Center with Mary J. Blige and her opening act!

Mary J. Blige’s #1 Hits and Chart-Topping Success

Mary J. Blige is a music icon, a trailblazer, a queen of R&B, and a Grammy-winning artist known for her soulful voice, powerful lyrics, and timeless hits that resonate with fans worldwide. With a career spanning over three decades, Mary J. Blige has released thirteen studio albums, sold over 80 million records, and garnered numerous accolades, including nine Grammy Awards, eight multi-platinum albums, and several #1 hits.

But how many #1 hits does Mary J. Blige have? Let’s take a closer look at her chart-topping success and some of her most significant achievements.

The Billboard Hot 100:

The Billboard Hot 100 is the definitive chart for ranking the most popular songs in the United States based on sales, airplay, and streaming data. It’s the ultimate measure of a song’s success and can make or break an artist’s career.

Mary J. Blige has scored ten top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including four #1 hits, which is a remarkable achievement. Here’s a breakdown of her #1 hits:

  • “Family Affair” (2001): This dance-pop banger was Mary J. Blige’s first #1 hit on the Hot 100, and it spent six weeks at the top spot. It was also the first song to debut at #1 on the Hot 100 since Whitney Houston’s “Exhale” in 1995.

  • “Be Without You” (2006): This emotional ballad about love and resilience is one of Mary J. Blige’s signature songs, and it spent a whopping fifteen weeks atop the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart, making it the longest-running #1 hit by a female artist in that chart’s history.

  • “Just Fine” (2007): This upbeat and uplifting track from Mary J. Blige’s eighth studio album, “Growing Pains,” became her third #1 hit on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart and peaked at #22 on the Hot 100. It’s still a fan favorite and a perfect reminder that Mary J. Blige is just fine, no matter what.

  • “Thick of It” (2016): This heartfelt and soulful ballad from Mary J. Blige’s thirteenth studio album, “Strength of a Woman,” is a testament to her resilience and strength in the face of adversity. It spent sixteen weeks on the Adult R&B Songs chart, including a remarkable six-week run at #1.

Other achievements and notable hits:

While Mary J. Blige’s #1 hits are impressive, they are just a fraction of her chart-topping success. Here are some other notable achievements and hits to her credit:

  • Mary J. Blige has scored eighteen top 10 hits on the Adult R&B Songs chart, including twelve #1 hits, which is the most by any artist in that chart’s history.

  • She has also charted fifty-three songs on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, including twenty-six top 10 hits and five #1 hits.

  • Some of Mary J. Blige’s other notable hits include “Real Love,” “Not Gon’ Cry,” “I’m Goin’ Down,” “No More Drama,” “Love Is All We Need,” and “Everything.”


Mary J. Blige is a true musical legend with an unparalleled discography, an unmistakable voice, and a devoted fan base. She has achieved a level of success that few artists can match, with ten top 10 hits and four #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, twelve #1 hits on the Adult R&B Songs chart, and five #1 hits on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Her music has inspired and empowered generations of fans and fellow artists, and her impact on the music industry is undeniable. Mary J. Blige is a force to be reckoned with and a timeless icon.