Modern Songs for Tango: Adding a Twist to This Classic Dance Style

Tango is a dance that has captured hearts and minds all over the world. Its charming moves and intricacies have made it an iconic dance style. However, many people believe that to dance tango, they have to stick to the traditional and classical music that originated from Argentina. But, did you know that there are modern songs that you can Tango to?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of modern songs for tango and show you how you can add a new flavor to this classic dance style. We’ll be delving into fast tango music, American tango songs, and even rock songs with a tango beat. We’ll also be sharing some of the most popular tango songs in movies, as well as the music used on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Whether you’re a seasoned tango dancer or just starting, this guide to modern music for tango will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to choosing the perfect tune. So, let’s dive right into it and discover what type of music goes with tango, where tango music is popular today, and what the most popular tango melody is. Are you ready to spice up your tango game with some modern tunes? Let’s get started!

Fast Tango Music: Get Your Feet Moving

If you’re a tango aficionado, you know the heart-pumping thrill of dancing to the beat of fast tango music. It’s a lightning-fast dance that requires not only great skill but also the right kind of music to get your feet moving in the right direction. Here are some of the best fast tango music tracks that you should add to your playlist:

1. “La Cumparsita” by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez

“La Cumparsita” is a classic tango piece that’s been around since the 1930s. It’s fast, energetic, and perfect for showcasing your quick tango steps. The melody is unforgettable and will have you humming and tapping your toes long after you’re done dancing.

2. “Taquito Militar” by Mariano Mores

“Taquito Militar” is another classic tango tune that’s guaranteed to get your blood pumping. It’s fast, rhythmic, and has some syncopated beats that will challenge your tango skills. The song is perfect for those who want to show off their speedy footwork.

3. “El Choclo” by Angel Villoldo

“El Choclo” is a lively and upbeat tango piece that’s perfect for fast dancing. With its catchy, repetitive melody, this song will have you moving your feet in no time. Plus, the upbeat tempo makes it easy to get into the rhythm of the dance.

4. “El Esquinazo” by Anibal Troilo

“El Esquinazo” is a popular tango tune that’s known for its fast pace and intricate rhythms. This song is perfect for those who want to show off their technical skills on the dance floor. With its dynamic melody and quick tempo, “El Esquinazo” is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

5. “La Cachila” by Eduardo Arolas

“La Cachila” is another classic tango piece that’s perfect for fast dancing. This song has a playful, upbeat melody that’s easy to dance to. It’s also great for those who want to showcase their tango prowess because of its challenging rhythms and syncopated beats.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a seasoned tango dancer or just starting, adding some fast tango music to your playlist is a must. These songs are perfect for showing off your skills and getting your feet moving on the dance floor. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different songs and find the ones that work best for you. With the right music, you’ll be dancing the tango like a pro in no time!

Modern Songs for Tango: American Tango Songs

If you’re looking to spice up your dance moves with some modern American tango songs, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best contemporary tango tunes that will make you want to hit the dance floor:

Top American Tango Songs

1. “Tango in the Night” by Fleetwood Mac

This classic ’80s hit has a driving tango beat that will get your hips swaying in no time. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to add a little rock ‘n’ roll to their tango.

2. “Tango till They’re Sore” by Tom Waits

Tom Waits’ gravelly voice and dramatic piano playing make this tango ballad a must-listen. It’s a slow burn of a song that builds to a haunting climax.

3. “La Cumparsita” by Gotan Project

This modern take on the traditional tango song “La Cumparsita” features electronic beats, live instruments, and sultry vocals. It’s a fresh and exciting interpretation of a tango classic.

4. “Por Una Cabeza” by Carlos Gardel

This song, famously featured in the movie “Scent of a Woman,” is a timeless tango classic. Gardel’s smooth vocals and the song’s sweeping melody make it a perfect choice for a romantic dance.

5. “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla

Piazzolla revolutionized tango music in the 20th century by incorporating jazz and classical influences into his compositions. “Libertango” is one of his most famous works, with its propulsive rhythms and haunting melody.

6. “Assassination Tango” by John Cale

This eerie instrumental piece from the soundtrack of the movie “Assassination Tango” features a tango rhythm played on a distorted electric guitar. It’s a unique and unexpected choice for a tango dance, but it works surprisingly well.

Key Takeaways

  • American tango songs come in a variety of styles, from classic ballads to modern electronica.
  • Contemporary musicians like Fleetwood Mac and Tom Waits have embraced the tango rhythm in their music.
  • Traditional tango classics, like “La Cumparsita” and “Por Una Cabeza,” are still popular choices for tango dancers.
  • Astor Piazzolla is a key figure in the development of modern tango music, blending jazz and classical influences into his compositions.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with unconventional tango songs, like John Cale’s “Assassination Tango,” to add some variety to your dance routine.

So the next time you’re ready to hit the dance floor, put on one of these modern American tango songs and let the music inspire your moves.

Rock Songs with a Tango Beat

Tango music has always been associated with passion, romance, and sensuality. It’s no wonder that many modern songs have incorporated a tango beat into their sound. Rock music is one genre that has successfully blended with the tango rhythm, resulting in some incredible hits that have rocked our world. Here are some of the best rock songs with a tango beat that you need to add to your playlist:

1. “Tango Till They’re Sore” by Tom Waits

  • This haunting yet powerful song incorporates a tango beat with Waits’ gravelly voice.

2. “Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)” by Gotan Project

  • Gotan Project is a group that has made a name for themselves by blending electronic music with tango rhythms in this hit.

3. “La Campana” by Federico Aubele

  • This downtempo track has a hypnotic beat, and it features a tango-inspired guitar riff.

4. “Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops” by Cocteau Twins

  • This song has a tango beat that is so subtle yet so compelling.

5. “El Tango de Roxanne” by Ewan McGregor, Josie Lawrence, and Jacek Koman

  • This intense song from the movie “Moulin Rouge!” is a masterful blend of rock and tango music.

Key Takeaways

  • Tango music has a captivating beat that has inspired many modern songs.
  • Rock music is one genre that has successfully incorporated a tango rhythm into its sound.
  • The result is an intense, passionate, and sensual music that will make you want to dance.
  • Adding these songs to your playlist will add some spice to your music collection.

Modern Songs to Dance Tango

Tango is not just a dance; it’s an expression of passion, love, and connection. And what better way to showcase this expression than by dancing to modern tango songs? Here are some of the best modern tango songs to get your feet moving:

1. “Paciencia” by Lalo Schifrin featuring Plácido Domingo

  • This beautiful composition is perfect for slow and sensual movements, showcasing the emotion behind the dance.

2. “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla

  • One of the most famous modern tango pieces, “Libertango” is known for its upbeat pace and intricate melodies that challenge even the most skilled dancers.

3. “La Cumparsita” by Carlos Gardel

  • A classic tango piece that has been remixed in many modern versions, “La Cumparsita” is the perfect background for romantic and passionate moves.

4. “Mi Confesión” by Gotan Project

  • This modern tango song mixes traditional tango with electronic beats, creating a unique and futuristic sound that blends perfectly with the dance.

5. “Tango to Evora” by Loreena McKennitt

  • This tango-inspired piece has a mystical vibe, making it perfect for dancers who want to add a touch of drama and mystery to their moves.

6. “Por Una Cabeza” by Carlos Gardel

  • Another classic tango piece that has been featured in many movies and shows, “Por Una Cabeza” is known for its catchy rhythm and cheerful melody.

7. “Milongueando En El 40” by Juan D’Arienzo

  • If you’re looking for a faster tempo, “Milongueando En El 40” is the perfect modern tango song to get your blood pumping and your feet moving.

8. “Adiós Muchachos” by Julio Iglesias

  • Originally composed in the 1920s, “Adiós Muchachos” has now been remixed in many modern versions, making it a popular choice for tango dancers who want to pay tribute to the classical era.

In conclusion, these modern tango songs offer a fresh and innovative approach to the traditional dance, allowing dancers to showcase their skills and emotions in new and exciting ways. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced tango dancer, these contemporary pieces will give you the perfect background to let your creativity and passion shine!

What Music is Used for Tango?

Tango music consists of a unique blend of European and African rhythms and melodies. These rhythms are marked by a steady beat and are perfect for the dramatic and passionate movements that characterise tango dancing. Here are some genres and artists that are known to produce modern songs for tango:

Electronic tango

Electronic tango is a modern take on the traditional tango genre. The music is characterised by a combination of traditional tango instruments with electronic beats and sound effects. Some well-known electronic tango artists include:
– Gotan Project
– Bajofondo
– Tanghetto

Alternative tango

Alternative tango is a genre that blends traditional tango with other genres like jazz, rock, and hip-hop. This genre often features unconventional instruments like electric guitars and synthesizers. Here are some artists who produce alternative tango:
– Otros Aires
– Narcotango
– Daniel Melingo

Tango nuevo

Tango nuevo is a genre that emerged in the 1980s and revolutionised the traditional tango genre. The music is characterised by a fusion of traditional tango and contemporary music styles such as jazz and classical. Here are some tango nuevo artists:
– Astor Piazzolla
– Nuevo Tango Ensamble
– Juan Carlos Caceres

In conclusion, tango music has a rich history and has evolved over time to incorporate new styles and genres. Whether you prefer traditional tango or a modern fusion of tango and other styles, there is something out there for everyone.

Popular Tango Songs in Movies

Movies have played a considerable role in popularizing tango music worldwide, and the genre has featured prominently in various films. Here’s a rundown of some popular tango songs in movies.

Top Tango hits in Movies

Some of the most famous tango songs in movies are:

  • “Por Una Cabeza” in the movie “Scent of a Woman”
  • “La Cumparsita” in the movie “The Tango Lesson”
  • “El Choclo” in the movie “Four Rooms”
  • “Adios Muchachos” in the movie “Happy Together”
  • “Tango” in the movie “Last Tango in Paris”

Famous Tango Musicians in Movies

Several tango musicians have featured their songs in movies, making them even more famous among movie lovers. Here are some of the most notable tango musicians featured in movies:

  • Astor Piazzolla in “12 Monkeys”
  • Carlos Gardel in “The Tango Bar”
  • Gotan Project in “Shall We Dance?”

Tango Movie Soundtracks

Several tango movies have soundtracks that feature a collection of popular tango songs. Some examples include:

  • “The Tango Lesson” soundtrack
  • “Assassination Tango” soundtrack
  • “The Tango Bar” soundtrack

Tango Dance Scenes in Movies

Some movies have featured tango dance scenes that are unforgettable. Here are some of the notable tango dance scenes in movies:

  • “Tango Scene” in “Scent of a Woman”
  • “Tango de Roxanne” in “Moulin Rouge”
  • “Tango Scene” in “Chicago”

In conclusion, tango music has had an incredible impact on the movie industry worldwide, and its popularity continues to grow. The above-listed songs, musicians, soundtracks, and dance scenes are just a few examples of the genre’s influence in movies.

Modern Music for Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango has evolved over the years, and modern music has played a significant role in this evolution. In the past, only traditional tango music was used for dancing, but in recent times, modern songs have become more prevalent on the dance floor. These modern songs have brought a new energy and vibe to tango, attracting younger generations to the dance.

The fusion of Tango and other genres

The modern music for Argentine Tango is a fusion of traditional tango and other music genres such as jazz, electronic, and rock. This fusion brings a fresh and more modern sound to Tango, which appeals to a wider audience. Some of the popular modern Tango music genres include Electro Tango, Tango Fusion, and Nuevo Tango.

Artists and their modern Tango hits

Notable artists in modern Tango music include:

  • Gotan Project: A French band that blends electronic music with Tango. Their hit song “Santa Maria” is widely known in Tango circles.
  • Bajofondo: A group of musicians from Argentina and Uruguay who fuse Tango, jazz, and electronic music. Their hit song “Pa’ Bailar” is a Tango classic.
  • Tanghetto: Founded in Buenos Aires in 2002 and pioneers of the Electro Tango genre, their music is characterized by a fusion of electronic beats and Tango. Their hit song “Mas allá del Sur” has become a modern Tango classic.
  • Carlos Libedinsky: An Argentine musician, composer, and DJ, who blends Tango music with electronic music. His hit song “Naranjo en Flor” is a Tango classic.

Dancing to modern Tango music

Modern Tango music is ideal for dancers who want to try something new and innovative. The tempo of modern Tango music is usually faster compared to traditional Tango music, making it more challenging and exciting to dance to. Modern Tango music has also led to the creation of new Tango dance styles such as Tango Nuevo and Neo-Tango.

Modern music for Argentine Tango has added a new dimension to Tango dancing. The fusion of traditional Tango music with other music genres has brought a fresh and more modern twist to Tango, creating an exciting new dance experience for Tango enthusiasts all over the world. With the rise of modern Tango music, Tango has become more accessible and appealing to a broader audience, making it a vibrant and growing dance community.

What Modern Songs Can You Tango In?

Modern songs are taking the tango world by storm. Whether it’s a classic tango with a modern twist or a completely new composition, modern songs are the perfect way to rejuvenate your tango playlist. In this subsection, we’ll introduce you to some of the top modern songs for tango that you can dance to now.

Modern Tango Songs

Here are some modern tango songs that you can tango in:

  • “Espejos” by Carlos Libedinsky
  • “Milonga Del Angel” by Astor Piazzolla
  • “La Yumba” by Osvaldo Pugliese
  • “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla
  • “Fuga Y Misterio” by Astor Piazzolla

Modern Non-Tango Songs

While there are plenty of traditional tango songs, modern music blends many genres with tango to create unique and exciting dance experiences. Here are some modern non-tango songs that you can tango in:

  • “Hallelujah” cover by Perla Batalla
  • “Strangers in the Night” by Frank Sinatra
  • “Butterfly” by Delia Fischer
  • “Stay” by Rihanna
  • “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics


Modern tango songs can add new energy and excitement to your tango playlist. From the classics with modern twist to new compositions and blending genres, modern songs are the perfect addition to any tango playlist. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new music and find your own unique style on the dance floor. Happy tango dancing!

What Type of Music Goes With Tango?

Tango is a dance form that originated in the late 19th century in Argentina and Uruguay. It is known for its intricate footwork and sensual movements. Tango music is an essential component of the dance, and it creates the rhythm and melody for the dancers to follow.

If you’re planning to tango, it’s essential to know what type of music goes with the dance. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Traditional Tango Music

Traditional tango music typically consists of the following instruments:

  • Bandoneon
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Violin

The music is characterized by four-four or two-four time signatures and usually has a slower rhythm. It’s essential to note that traditional tango music is quite different from modern tango music.

Modern Tango Music

Modern Tango music is a fusion of different musical forms, including jazz, rock, and electronic music. It is usually more upbeat and has a faster rhythm. Modern tango music is perfect for dancers who like to improvise and experiment with their footwork.

Other Types of Tango Music

Apart from traditional and modern tangos, several other types of tango music can be paired with the dance. Some of these include:

  • Milonga: A lively rhythm that originated in the late 19th century.
  • Vals: A form of tango that has a waltz-like rhythm.
  • Tango Nuevo: A modern interpretation of tango that incorporates elements of jazz and classical music.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Tango Song

When selecting a tango song to dance to, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  • The tempo of the music: Choose a song with a rhythm that matches your dance style.
  • The emotion of the song: Tango is an emotional dance, and the music should reflect that.
  • The lyrics of the song: Some tango songs are famous for their lyrics, which can add depth and meaning to the dance.

In conclusion, tango music is as diverse as the dance itself. There are traditional tangos, modern tangos, and other types of tango music that you can choose from. When selecting a tango song to dance to, ensure that the rhythm matches your style and the emotion and lyrics resonate with you. Happy tangoing!

Where Tango Music is Popular Today

Tango music emerged in the late 19th century as a form of music and dance that originated in Argentina and Uruguay. Over time, it has spread to different parts of the world and has become a popular form of music and dance. Here are some of the places where tango music is popular today:

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is considered the birthplace of tango, and the city is still one of its biggest hubs. The tango scene in Buenos Aires is alive and well, with many tango clubs, dance studios, and festivals. The city’s historic neighborhoods, such as San Telmo and La Boca, are known for their tango shows and live music performances.

2. Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is another city where tango has a strong presence. The city has a vibrant tango scene, with many of the same elements found in Buenos Aires: tango clubs, festivals, and live performances. Uruguay has produced some iconic tango musicians, such as Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Zitarrosa.

3. Paris, France

Paris has a long history with tango and has been an important hub for the music and dance since the early 20th century. The city is home to many tango schools and dance clubs, and it hosts several tango festivals each year. Paris has also been the site of many famous tango performances and recording sessions.

4. New York City, USA

New York City is home to a thriving tango scene that has grown steadily over the last few decades. The city has a large community of tango dancers and musicians, and it hosts many tango festivals and events throughout the year. New York has also been the site of many important tango recordings and performances.

5. Tokyo, Japan

Japan has a strong tango scene, and Tokyo is the center of it. The city has many tango clubs and dance schools, and it hosts several tango festivals each year. Tango has also gained a foothold in other parts of Japan, such as Osaka and Kyoto.

6. Moscow, Russia

Russia has a growing tango scene, and Moscow is at the center of it. The city has many tango clubs and dance schools, and it hosts several tango festivals each year. Tango has become increasingly popular in Russia over the last few decades, and many Russian musicians have become known for their tango compositions.

Tango music has spread to many parts of the world, and its popularity continues to grow. Whether you’re in Buenos Aires or Moscow, you can find a place to dance to the rhythms of tango and experience the passion and romance of this unique form of music and dance.

What is the Most Popular Tango Melody?

Tango music is known for its distinctive rhythm and sensual melodies, and it has been a popular dance genre for over a century. The question of what is the most popular tango melody is a difficult one to answer definitively, as there are so many classic songs in the genre that have stood the test of time. However, there are a few standout tracks that have become emblematic of the tango tradition and remain beloved by dancers and music fans alike.

Some of the Most Popular Tango Melodies

Here are some of the most iconic tango tracks of all time:

  • “La Cumparsita”: This famous tango melody was composed by the Uruguayan musician Gerardo Matos Rodríguez in 1916 and has since become a standard of the genre. Its mournful melody and insistent rhythm make it a favorite among tango dancers and listeners alike.

  • “El Choclo”: Written in 1903 by the Argentinian composer Ángel Villoldo, “El Choclo” is another popular tango standard. Its catchy melody has been used in countless films, television shows, and advertisements, and it remains one of the most recognizable tunes in the tango genre.

  • “Adiós Muchachos”: This melancholy tango ballad was composed by the Argentinian musician Julio César Sanders in 1927 and has been covered by numerous artists over the years. Its bittersweet melody and nostalgic lyrics make it a favorite among tango fans of all ages.

  • “Mi Buenos Aires Querido”: This classic tango song was written in 1934 by the legendary Argentinian composer Carlos Gardel. Its romantic melody and evocative lyrics capture the essence of Buenos Aires and the tango tradition.

  • “Por una Cabeza”: This famous tango track was composed by the Argentinian musician Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera. It has been used in numerous films and is instantly recognizable for its soaring melody and passionate lyrics.

While there are many popular tango melodies, these classic tracks have endured the test of time and remain beloved by dancers and music fans around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned tango aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, these songs are sure to make you feel the passion, longing, and nostalgia that are hallmarks of the tango tradition. So put on your dancing shoes and let the music transport you to another time and place!

Tango Songs from Dancing with the Stars

If you’re a fan of Dancing with the Stars, you know that the tango is one of the most popular and exciting dances performed on the show. Whether you’re a seasoned tango dancer or a beginner, you can find some modern tango songs that will take your breath away and get your feet moving. Here are some of the best tango songs from Dancing with the Stars that you can add to your playlist:

“Tango Jalousie” by Jacob Gade

This classic tango song has been performed on Dancing with the Stars many times, and it never gets old. The lively rhythm and dramatic melody make it the perfect choice for a passionate and intense tango dance.

“Tango D’Amour” by David Garrett

This modern tango song is a favorite of many Dancing with the Stars fans. The violin solo by David Garrett is simply stunning, and the electronic beats give it a contemporary twist that makes it stand out from other tango songs.

“El Tango De Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge

This tango song was originally written for the movie Moulin Rouge, but it has since become a popular choice for tango dancers everywhere. The haunting melody and haunting vocals make it one of the most emotional tango songs out there.

“Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla

This instrumental tango song is a favorite among tango aficionados, and it’s easy to see why. The fast-paced rhythm and intricate melody make it a challenging but rewarding song to dance to.

“La Cumparsita” by Gerardo Matos Rodríguez

This tango song is a classic that has been performed in dancing competitions around the world. Its romantic melody and slow pace make it a perfect choice for a sensual and intimate tango dance.


Dancing to modern tango songs is a great way to spice up your tango routine. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different songs, and find ones that speak to you and your dance partner. With so many fantastic tango songs out there, your playlist will never be boring!