Play Beautiful Music in Minutes: Simple Keyboard Tunes for Beginners

Are you looking to learn the piano without getting lost in all the technical details? Good news: there are several simple keyboard tunes that you can play effortlessly, even as a beginner. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some easy piano chords and provide you with basic music notes for keyboard playing.

What Are the Basic Music Notes for Keyboard?

Before we dive into the easy keyboard tunes, let’s first go over the basic music notes for keyboard. The standard keyboard has 88 keys, but don’t worry, you don’t need to learn all of them just yet. Most songs can be played with just a few notes.

The basic music notes for keyboard are:

  • C, D, E, F, G, A, B

Each of these notes represents a key on the keyboard, starting from the left. For example, C is the first white key to the left of a group of two black keys.

Easy Piano Chords: All of Me on Piano

“All of Me” by John Legend is a popular song that is beginner-friendly. Here are the easy piano chords for the song:

  • C
  • G
  • Am
  • F

Using these chords, you can easily play various parts of the song. Here are the chords for the chorus:

  • C
  • G
  • Am
  • F

The melody for the verses is:

  • G
  • Am
  • F
  • C

Now, let’s move on to other simple keyboard tunes.

What Is the Easiest Song to Play on Keyboard?

“Happy Birthday” is a great beginner song. Most of us know the tune already, which makes it easier to learn. Here are the notes for the song:

  • G G A G C B
  • G G A G D C
  • G G G* E C B A
  • F F E C D C

The song only uses four notes. You can play it by using your right hand to hit each key in order.

Fur Elise Piano Easy

“Fur Elise” is a classic piece that everyone should learn to play. While it may seem challenging at first, you can easily play the easy version with these notes:

  • E D# E D# E B D C A#
  • E D# E D# E B D C A#
  • G D# B C E A B Bb A
  • E B C D# G

Start slow and take your time with this one. Practice playing each note until you can play the whole song smoothly.

Beginner Piano Songs for Adults: What Song Uses All Piano Keys?

“Mary Had a Little Lamb” is a beginner-friendly song that uses all the keys on the keyboard. Here are the notes:

  • E D C D E E E
  • D D D E G G
  • E D C D E E E
  • E E E E D D E D C

Using these notes, you can easily play the song. It’s a great way to practice playing all the keys on the keyboard.

Easy Popular Songs to Play on Piano for Beginners

In addition to the songs we’ve listed, there are several other easy popular songs to play on piano as a beginner. Here are a few that you can try:

  • “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”
  • “Chopsticks”
  • “Heart and Soul”
  • “The Entertainer”

These songs are all beginner-friendly and can be played easily once you learn the basic music notes for keyboard playing and easy piano chords.

Easy Piano Songs for Beginners Sheet Music

If you’re struggling to read sheet music, don’t worry. There are several websites that provide sheet music for easy piano songs for beginners. Websites like and offer sheet music for popular songs like “All of Me” and “Fur Elise.”


Playing the piano can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With these simple keyboard tunes, you can start playing beautiful music in no time. Remember to start slow and to take your time with each song. Practicing regularly will help you improve your skills and allow you to tackle more challenging pieces in the future. Happy playing!

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