Riot Fest 2011: A Blast From the Past and a Look Toward the Future

Riot Fest has become a staple festival in the punk rock scene since its inception in 2005. It has taken place across various locations in the United States, including Philadelphia, Denver, and Chicago, where it has been held since 2006. This post will focus on the 2011 edition of Riot Fest, which was held in Chicago’s Humboldt Park.

The festival’s lineup that year included a diverse range of punk rock bands, including The Descendents, Social Distortion, and Weezer, who headlined on the festival’s third day. Other notable acts included X, Suicide Machines, and Descendents frontman Milo Aukerman’s other band, All.

Since then, Riot Fest has continued to grow, attracting bigger audiences and bigger names in the punk rock scene. The festival has also expanded into different genres, including hip-hop and heavy metal.

As Riot Fest 2022 approaches, fans may wonder if the festival will continue its pattern of growth and diversification. Additionally, those considering attending may have questions, such as whether kids are free and what the lineup will be like.

This post will provide answers to these questions and more. It will also explore the festival’s history, including where it was held before Douglas Park became its home and when Blink 182 made their Riot Fest debut. Get ready to dive into the world of Riot Fest and all it has to offer!

Riot Fest 2022: What Can We Expect?

As we gear up for Riot Fest 2022, fans are excited to see what the future holds. Here’s a rundown of what we can expect from this year’s festival:


One of the biggest draws of Riot Fest is undoubtedly the lineup. The festival usually features an eclectic mix of punk, rock, hip-hop, and metal artists, and 2022 promises to be no different. While the official lineup hasn’t been announced yet, rumors are swirling about who might be taking the stage. Here are a few names that fans are hoping to see:

  • Foo Fighters
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Rage Against The Machine
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Run The Jewels
  • Paramore
  • The Offspring
  • Green Day

Only time will tell who actually makes the cut, but with this many high-profile names in the mix, fans are sure to be in for a treat.


Riot Fest typically takes place in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, but in recent years, the festival has been forced to relocate to the nearby Douglas Park due to construction and other issues. This year, however, Riot Fest organizers have announced that the festival will return to Humboldt Park. Fans can expect to see the festival’s signature carnival rides, games, and vendors in the park’s spacious surroundings.

COVID-19 Precautions

With the ongoing pandemic, Riot Fest organizers have stated that they will be taking all necessary precautions to keep attendees safe. While the specifics of these measures haven’t been announced yet, fans can likely expect to see a combination of mask mandates, social distancing guidelines, and enhanced sanitation procedures.


One of the best things about Riot Fest is the variety of afterparties that take place around the festival. These shows, which often take place in smaller venues around the city, offer fans the chance to see some of their favorite artists in a more intimate setting. While the lineup for these afterparties hasn’t been announced yet, fans can expect to see some amazing shows happening around the city during the festival weekend.

As we countdown the days until Riot Fest 2022, the anticipation is only building. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the festival, this year’s event promises to be one to remember.

Are Kids Free at Riot Fest?

Riot Fest is an annual music festival that brings together music lovers from across the globe. With its fantastic line-up of bands, this festival is the perfect place for music enthusiasts to spend a weekend. But, what about the kids? Are they allowed to attend the festival, and if so, do they get in for free? Here is everything you need to know:

Age Restrictions

Riot Fest is an all-ages festival. This means that people of all ages are allowed to attend the festival, including kids. However, keep in mind that Riot Fest does not provide any special areas for families with young children. The festival is loud, and there will be plenty of alcohol and adult content, so it may not be the best place to bring young children.

Do Kids Get in for Free?

Children who are five years and younger are admitted for free to Riot Fest. This is a great way to save some money on your family’s festival experience. However, keep in mind that children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Other Things to Consider

If you plan to bring your kids to Riot Fest, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • The festival is outdoors, so make sure your kids are appropriately dressed for the weather.
  • Bring noise-canceling headphones to help protect your children’s ears from the loud music.
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen and water to keep your kids hydrated and protected from the sun.
  • Pay attention to the festival’s schedule and plan your day around acts that are suitable for kids.

In conclusion, Riot Fest is an all-ages festival, and kids who are five years and younger get in for free. However, keep in mind that the festival is loud, and there will be adult content, so it may not be the best place to bring young children. If you do plan to bring your kids to Riot Fest, make sure to take appropriate precautions to keep them safe and comfortable.

Riot Fest 2011 Lineup Chicago

Riot Fest 2011 was a music festival that took place at Chicago’s Humboldt Park on October 6th, 7th, and 8th. Here’s a rundown of the exciting lineup that graced the stage of Riot Fest 2011:


  • Weezer
  • The Descendents
  • Social Distortion
  • X
  • The Offspring
  • Danzig Legacy (performing Danzig, Samhain, and Misfits songs)

Other bands:

  • The Damned
  • Descendents
  • Youth of Today
  • Suicide Machines
  • ALL
  • Helmet
  • The Business
  • The Tossers
  • Flatfoot 56
  • Shot Baker
  • Red City Radio
  • Mustangs and Madras

This lineup was a mix of established legends and emerging artists. It was a great opportunity for music fans to experience the raw energy of these bands in a live setting.

The standout performances of the festival were from Weezer and The Descendents. Weezer played an energetic and crowd-pleasing set that had fans singing along to every song. The Descendents, on the other hand, played a high-octane set that captivated the audience with their fast-paced punk rock music.

In conclusion, Riot Fest 2011 had a fantastic lineup that showcased the best in punk rock music. The headliners, as well as the other bands that played, lived up to the expectations of the fans who came to the festival. It was an unforgettable experience, and a show of support for the bands who continue to keep the spirit of punk alive.

Riot Fest 2011: A Look Back and a Peek into the Future

As Riot Fest 2021 just ended with a bang, many music enthusiasts are already looking forward to the next edition of this iconic festival. In this section, we’ll explore the possibility of Riot Fest happening in 2023, and what we can expect from it.

The Future of Riot Fest: Is 2023 Happening?

The truth is, we can’t say for sure if Riot Fest 2023 will happen. The organizers have been tight-lipped about their plans, and there’s no official announcement or confirmation yet. However, here are some points that suggest the likelihood of Riot Fest happening in 2023:

  • Riot Fest has been a regular fixture in the Chicago music scene since its inception in 2005. It has grown in popularity over the years and has expanded to other cities, including Denver and Toronto. Given its success and loyal following, it’s reasonable to assume that the organizers will continue to hold the festival in the future.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of many music festivals worldwide, including Riot Fest in 2020. However, Riot Fest returned in 2021 with strict health protocols, and it was a smashing success. This indicates that the organizers can adapt to changing circumstances and prioritize safety without sacrificing the festival’s quality.

  • Riot Fest has traditionally been held in September, and it’s unlikely that the organizers will change that. So if there’s no announcement by mid-2022, it’s safe to assume that the festival won’t happen in 2023.

What to Expect from Riot Fest 2023?

Assuming Riot Fest 2023 happens, here are some things that we can expect:

  • An impressive lineup of artists from different music genres, including punk, rock, and alternative. Riot Fest has a reputation for booking both iconic and up-and-coming artists, and we can expect no less in 2023.

  • The return of favorite festival features, such as the Riot Stage, the Radicals Stage, and the Freak Show. Riot Fest is known for its diverse entertainment offerings, including carnival rides, sideshows, and wrestling matches. These attractions add to the festival’s unique and fun atmosphere.

  • Strict safety protocols, especially if the pandemic is still a concern in 2023. Riot Fest 2021 had measures such as mandatory vaccination or negative COVID-19 test requirements, face mask mandates, and reduced capacity. While these measures may not be needed in 2023, the organizers prioritize the safety of their attendees.

While we can’t say for sure if Riot Fest 2023 will happen, there are good reasons to believe it will. Regardless, the prospect of another Riot Fest is exciting, and we can look forward to what the organizers have in store for us. Until then, let’s enjoy the memories and highlights of Riot Fest 2021 and keep our fingers crossed for the festival’s return.

When Did Blink 182 Play Riot Fest?

Blink 182 is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and influential rock bands of the late 1990s and early 2000s. The band has a long and storied history, with numerous hits and memorable live performances to their name. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many fans are curious about the band’s appearances at various music festivals, including Riot Fest. Specifically, when did Blink 182 play Riot Fest? Let’s find out.

The Early Years

Blink 182 got their start in the early-to-mid 1990s in the suburbs of San Diego, California. The band’s original lineup consisted of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Scott Raynor. They quickly gained a reputation for their high-energy live shows and irreverent attitude. Over the years, the band’s sound evolved from fast and furious punk rock to a more polished and polished pop-punk sound.

Blink 182 at Riot Fest

Blink 182 has played Riot Fest several times over the years, always to great acclaim from fans. Here are some of the highlights:

  • In 2013, Blink 182 headlined Riot Fest in Chicago, delivering an electrifying set that included many of their biggest hits, such as “All the Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again?” and “Dammit.”

  • In 2016, the band returned to Riot Fest, playing a set that included a mix of classic hits and newer material from their latest album, California.

  • However, Blink 182’s first appearance at Riot Fest was in 2011, when they played the festival’s inaugural event in Chicago. This was a highly anticipated performance, as the band had not played together for several years following Tom DeLonge’s departure from the group. Despite this, Blink 182 delivered an explosive set that left fans wanting more.

Blink 182 is a band that has had a long and successful career, with a devoted fanbase that spans generations. Their appearances at Riot Fest over the years have been memorable, with each performance showcasing the band’s incredible talent and versatility. If you’re a fan of Blink 182 or just looking to discover some great new music, be sure to check out their live performances at Riot Fest and other music festivals.

Riot Fest’s Evolution: Where was it before Douglas Park?

Riot Fest is now one of the most significant music festivals in the world, but it wasn’t always this way. In this section, let’s explore Riot Fest’s history and uncover its roots before finding a home in Douglas Park.

Humboldt Park: The Original Venue

The first Riot Fest took place in 2005 in various Chicago venues. The festival found a more stable home in Humboldt Park in 2006, where it was hosted until 2014. The picturesque park served as the perfect location for the three-day festival, surrounded by lagoons, grand trees, and classic Chicago architecture.

Expansion to Other Cities

After the successful 2014 Riot Fest in Humboldt Park, it was time for a change in scenery. Unfortunately, the festival found itself in a bit of controversy with the park that year, leading it to shift its site for 2015.

Riot Fest then branched out and added Denver, Toronto, and Dallas to its tour locations in 2013. A year later, it featured Brooklyn and Philadelphia locations, and in 2015, the festival traveled to Denver and Chicago exclusively.

A Controversial Move to Douglas Park

In 2015, Riot Fest had to move locations again after not receiving permission to use Humboldt Park. After numerous debates regarding which park to host the festival, the organizers chose the little-known Douglas Park, located west of Chicago.

Despite some skepticism and opposition, the move to Douglas Park turned out to be a colossal success, attracting a vast audience and headlined by world-renowned artists like System of a Down, The Prodigy, and Rancid.

Key Takeaways

  • Riot Fest’s humble beginnings started in 2005 in various Chicago venues.
  • Humboldt Park served as the festival’s home from 2006 to 2014.
  • After the controversy in 2014, Riot Fest branched out to other cities.
  • The festival moved to Douglas Park in 2015 and has been held there ever since.

Riot Fest’s evolution tells a story of the festival’s humble beginnings and eventual growth. While the festival has come a long way since its inception, its roots in Chicago remain as strong as ever. Now let’s explore more about the festival and experience what Riot Fest has to offer this year.