An Inside Look into O Block, Chiraq’s Most Infamous Neighborhood

If you’re a fan of Chicago drill music, then you must have come across the name “O Block” several times. It’s a notorious neighborhood in the south side of Chicago and the birthplace of famous rappers such as Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and King Von. But what is O Block exactly, and why does it … Read more

Decoding the Meaning Behind Slowthai’s Doorman Lyrics

Are you a fan of British rap sensation Slowthai? If so, you’ve likely heard his hit single “Doorman” from his 2019 album “Nothing Great About Britain.” The song, which features Mura Masa, has garnered widespread critical acclaim and has been hailed as one of the rapper’s best works. But what exactly is the meaning behind … Read more

They Some Snitches: Why Do People Snitch?

Ah, snitching – a term often associated with betrayal and dishonesty. While the word itself has negative connotations, snitching is not always a bad thing. So, what’s the meaning of snitches, and why do people snitch? To put it simply, snitching is the act of betraying someone’s trust or revealing confidential information to others. It’s … Read more