The Ultimate Guide to Stay What You Are Vinyl: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, chances are you’ve come across Saves the Day’s classic album “Stay What You Are” in your online record hunts. Not only is this album a game changer for the punk rock genre, but it has also become a must-have piece in any vinyl collection. But what makes it so special?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the world of “Stay What You Are” vinyl. We’ll explore everything from the concept behind the album’s title to the meaning behind the lyrics themselves. We’ll also take a look at the diverse catalog of other punk rock vinyl albums, including Senses Fail’s emotional debut and Alkaline Trio’s epic “Remains” compilation.

But that’s not all! We’ll also talk about the unique vinyl releases of The New Amsterdams, Get Up Kids, and the Saves the Day albums that came before “Stay What You Are.” From the critically acclaimed “Through Being Cool” to the nostalgic “Can’t Slow Down,” each vinyl release tells a different story of Saves the Day’s journey.

Whether you’re a die-hard Saves the Day fan or a newcomer to the punk rock scene, this guide is for you. So sit back, put on your headphones, and get ready to dive into the world of “Stay What You Are” vinyl.

Senses Fail: Reviving the Vinyl Craze

Vinyl records have been around for over a century, but they never lost their charm. In the age of digital music streaming, many music enthusiasts still prefer to listen to their favorite albums on vinyl. The tactile experience of handling a record, the musical warmth of the sound, and the album art that comes with it are some of the reasons why vinyl has remained popular.

One band that has succeeded in reviving the vinyl craze is Senses Fail. The band, formed in 2002, has released seven studio albums, and each one is available on vinyl. The vinyl releases of their records are highly sought after by fans and collectors alike. Here are some reasons why Senses Fail vinyl is a must-have for any serious music lover:

The Sound Quality is Unmatched

Vinyl records have a warmth and depth of sound that digital music simply cannot replicate. The analog format captures the nuances and dynamics of the music, resulting in a richer listening experience. Senses Fail’s music, which combines emo, punk, and hardcore influences, sounds even better on vinyl. The vinyl releases give their songs a raw, visceral quality that is hard to beat.

The Album Art is a Visual Treat

Album art is an essential part of the vinyl experience. Senses Fail’s vinyl releases come with beautifully designed artwork that complements the music. The band’s album art is often dark, introspective, and thought-provoking, reflecting the emotional depth of their music. Each vinyl release is a visual treat that fans can’t get enough of.

The Collectibility Factor

Vinyl records are a form of physical media that has a nostalgic value. The rarity and collectibility of vinyl records make them valuable items for collectors. Senses Fail’s vinyl releases are limited edition and come in various colors, making them even more desirable. Owning a Senses Fail vinyl record is not just about the music, but also about owning a unique piece of memorabilia from the band.

It’s a Unique Listening Experience

Listening to music on vinyl is a different experience than listening to it on digital platforms. It’s a more tactile experience that allows you to interact with the music in a way that digital music can’t replicate. The act of placing a record on the turntable, dropping the needle, and flipping the side is a ritual that adds to the overall experience. Senses Fail’s music, which is often emotionally charged, is perfect for this immersive listening experience.

In conclusion, Senses Fail’s vinyl releases are a must-have for any serious music lover. The sound quality, album art, collectibility factor, and unique listening experience make them valuable additions to any vinyl collection. Senses Fail has successfully revived the vinyl craze, and their vinyl releases are a testament to the enduring appeal of this analog medium.

Stay Vivid: Bringing Colors to Life with Vinyl Records

When it comes to vinyl records, music isn’t the only thing that comes to mind. The medium itself is a work of art, and the way it’s stored and preserved through the years is a testament to its timeless beauty. One of the many ways to ensure that your vinyl records stay vivid for years to come is by taking care of them properly. In this section, we’ll talk about some helpful tips on how to keep your vinyl records in tip-top shape.

Cleanliness is Key

One of the most important aspects of keeping your vinyl records looking their best is by keeping them clean. Here are some tips on how to clean your vinyl records effectively:

  • Invest in a quality record cleaning kit that includes a soft-bristled brush, cleaning solution, and a microfiber cloth.
  • Use distilled water to dampen the brush and apply the cleaning solution sparingly.
  • Brush the solution onto the record in a circular motion, following the grooves.
  • Wipe the record down with the microfiber cloth, making sure to remove all the solution and dirt from the grooves.
  • Always handle your records with clean and dry hands to avoid oils and dirt build-up.

Proper Storage

Aside from cleanliness, the storage of your vinyl records plays a crucial role in their longevity. Here are some tips on storing your vinyl records properly:

  • Keep your records in a cool, dry, and dust-free environment to prevent warping or degradation caused by humidity.
  • Store the records vertically to prevent leaning and warping.
  • Keep the records in their original sleeves to protect them from dust and scratches.
  • Avoid stacking records since this can cause pressure and damage the grooves.

Wise Handling

Lastly, handling your records with care and caution can go a long way in preserving their quality. Here are some tips on how to handle your vinyl records wisely:

  • Always hold records by the edges, never touch the playing surface.
  • Avoid dragging or pressing records on surfaces, such as tables or floors.
  • Be gentle when placing records on the turntable and avoid sudden movements.
  • Use a high-quality stylus to avoid wear and tear on the grooves.

In conclusion, staying vivid means taking proper care of your vinyl records in terms of cleanliness, storage, and handling. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy your vinyl collection for years to come and keep those colors and sounds as fresh as ever.

The New Amsterdams Vinyl

Are you a vinyl collector looking for your next prized possession? Look no further than The New Amsterdams’ vinyl collection! This indie rock band from Lawrence, Kansas formed in 2000 and has since released several albums on vinyl. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding their vinyl to your collection:

1. Unique Sound

The New Amsterdams have a signature sound that combines indie rock with alt-country and punk influences, resulting in a sound that’s both captivating and original. Listening to their vinyl is like experiencing their sound in its purest form.

2. Limited Editions

Many of The New Amsterdams’ vinyl releases are limited editions, making them an excellent addition to any collection. Some of their vinyl releases are even exclusive to certain stores or regions, making them even more rare and valuable.

3. Affordable Prices

Despite their limited-edition status, The New Amsterdams’ vinyl releases are surprisingly affordable. You can find many of their vinyl records online for under $30, making them an excellent choice for collectors who want to add quality records to their collections without breaking the bank.

4. Beautiful Artwork

Each of The New Amsterdams’ vinyl releases features unique and stunning artwork, making them not only great to listen to but also great to display. The artwork often reflects the mood and theme of the album, adding an extra layer of depth to the overall listening experience.

5. Emotional Connection

Finally, The New Amsterdams’ vinyl releases are perfect for anyone who wants to feel a deep emotional connection to their music. The lyrics and melodies explore themes of love, loss, and change, making them relatable to anyone who has experienced similar emotions. Listening to their vinyl can be a therapeutic experience, allowing you to connect with the music on a deeper level.

In conclusion, The New Amsterdams’ vinyl is a must-have for any vinyl collector looking to add some indie rock, alt-country, and punk influences to their collection. With limited editions, affordable prices, beautiful artwork, and emotional connections, there is something for everyone in their collection.

Get Up Kids – Live Vinyl

Vinyl has been making a comeback in recent years, and for good reason. There’s just something special about holding a physical copy of an album and experiencing it in a way that’s different from streaming or digital downloads. So it’s no surprise that the Get Up Kids decided to release their latest album, “Live from the Palladium” on vinyl.

Here are some things to know about the Get Up Kids’ live vinyl release:

  • The album was recorded live at the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts on November 2, 2019. This means that the vinyl captures the raw energy and emotion of the band’s live performance.
  • The album includes 17 songs, including fan favorites like “Action & Action” and “Holiday”.
  • The vinyl is available in a special edition “coke bottle clear” color, as well as standard black.
  • The album artwork features a photo of the band on stage, with the crowd in the background. It’s a great snapshot of what it was like to be at the show.
  • In addition to the vinyl itself, the package includes a digital download of the album. This means that you can listen to the music on the go, even if you don’t have a turntable.
  • The Get Up Kids have been around since the mid-90s, and their brand of emo and pop-punk has influenced countless other bands. If you’re a fan of the genre, this live vinyl release is a must-have.

Overall, the Get Up Kids’ live vinyl release is a great addition to any collection. It’s a testament to the band’s longevity and their commitment to putting on a great live show. So why not grab a copy and experience the magic for yourself?

Alkaline Trio – Remains Vinyl

Regardless of whether you are a connoisseur of vinyl or an average listener, Alkaline Trio’s Remains Vinyl is a must-have for any vinyl collection. Here are some reasons why:

It’s a Special Edition Vinyl

Alkaline Trio’s Remains Vinyl is a limited edition vinyl pressing that features all twenty-two A-sides and B-sides of their singles released between 1998-2000. This limited edition vinyl has only been released in the US and the UK, so be sure to get your hands on it while you still can.

It’s Mastered for Vinyl

Unlike standard digital releases, vinyl is mastered differently so that it can offer a unique sound. And with Alkaline Trio’s Remains vinyl, you can be sure that every song is perfectly mastered for vinyl. The vinyl edition also includes a digital download card so you can take your music with you on the go.

It Features Fan Favorites

Alkaline Trio’s Remains Vinyl includes fan favorites like “Cooking Wine” and “Goodbye Forever.” With so many iconic songs on one vinyl, you’ll be transported back to the early 2000s, jamming to your favorite emo tunes.

It’s a Great Collector’s Item

If you’re an avid collector of vinyl, Alkaline Trio’s Remains vinyl is a must-have for your collection. It’s a beautiful, well-crafted vinyl that is sure to turn heads. The vinyl cover also features classic artwork from their previous singles, which adds unique value to the collection.

It’s a Reminder of Alkaline Trio’s Legacy

Alkaline Trio is one of the most influential bands in the punk rock and emo scene, and Remains Vinyl is a testament to their legacy. It offers listeners the chance to reflect on how much Alkaline Trio has influenced the music industry and what they have meant to fans over the years.

In conclusion, Alkaline Trio’s Remains vinyl is a fantastic addition to any vinyl collection, whether you’re a fan of punk rock, emo or alternative rock. With limited edition features, a unique sound, and some of the most iconic emo songs in history, it’s hard not to fall in love with this vinyl.

Saves the Day’s “Stay What You Are” at 10: A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

Saves the Day’s “Stay What You Are” turned ten years old, and it’s time to reminisce about this iconic album that touches the heart and soul of fans worldwide. Without further ado, let’s dive into what made this record so incredibly special and why it still resonates with fans to this day.

The Evolution of Saves the Day

Before delving deep into “Stay What You Are,” let’s take a quick look at Saves the Day’s evolution. The band was founded by Chris Conley in 1994, and since then, the band had undergone several band member changes. Originally, the band was a part of the punk-rock movement, influenced by Green Day and the Descendants. However, Saves the Day shifted to the emo-pop rock genre with their third studio album titled “Through Being Cool.” This shift gained Saves the Day a substantial following and is regarded as a groundbreaking record within the emo scene.

An Overview of “Stay What You Are”

“Stay What You Are” was released in 2001 and is the band’s fourth studio album. It was a departure from their signature emo-pop sound and leaned more towards a punk-pop fusion, incorporating upbeat rhythms and catchy choruses. The album featured hits like “At Your Funeral,” “Freakish,” and “This Is Not an Exit.”

The Impact of “Stay What You Are”

“Stay What You Are” was an instant classic, spawning massive commercial success and critical recognition. Fans loved its upbeat, infectious music and relatable lyrics about love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. Several critics praised the album for its songwriting, musicianship, and fantastic production. Some even went so far as to say that it played a crucial role in shaping the emo genre at the time.

Why “Stay What You Are” Is So Beloved

There’s no doubt that “Stay What You Are” is Saves the Day’s masterpiece. There are many reasons why fans and music lovers alike treasure this album, even after ten years. Here are some of those reasons.

  • Infectious Melodies: The album is chock-full of beats that make you want to tap your feet and dance around the room.

  • Relatable Themes: The album’s lyrics delve into themes like heartbreak, self-discovery, and falling in love, which is something we can all relate to.

  • Timeless Appeal: Even after a decade, this record sounds as fresh and modern as it did when it was first released.

  • Versatile: “Stay What You Are” is versatile enough to appeal to both punk-rock and pop-rock fans.

  • Nostalgia: For many Saves the Day fans, this album is a reminder of their teenage angst and a soundtrack for their formative years.

“Stay What You Are” is an album that touched an entire generation of music lovers and continues to do so. It’s a fantastic record that showcases a band’s evolution, sets the standard for the emo-rock genre, and exudes nostalgia. It’s an album that’s worth revisiting, not just for old times’ sake, but also for its timeless appeal. If you haven’t already, go listen to this album and rediscover why it’s considered a masterpiece.

“Can’t Slow Down” Vinyl by Saves the Day

Saves the Day, a New Jersey-based band, created a buzz in the music industry with their iconic album “Can’t Slow Down.” This album captured the hearts of many fans, and it remains one of the most revered albums by Saves the Day. In this section, we’ll delve deeper into the “Can’t Slow Down” vinyl and what makes it so special.

The Story behind the Album

“Can’t Slow Down” was released in 1998, and it was Saves the Day’s second full-length album. The album showcased their unique style of punk rock music and is considered groundbreaking in the genre. The band drew inspiration from personal experiences, including heartbreak, and the songs reflect their emotional journey.

Vinyl Features

The vinyl edition of “Can’t Slow Down” is a must-have for any vinyl collector or Saves the Day fan. Some of the features that make this vinyl unique include:

  • The vinyl itself is white, making it stand out from other vinyl records.
  • The vinyl sleeve showcases a beautiful and iconic design featuring an animated couple embracing. The sleeve is made of high-quality, thick cardboard, which ensures longevity.
  • The vinyl has 11 tracks, including fan-favorites like “Shoulder to the Wheel” and “My Sweet Fracture.”
  • The sound quality of the vinyl is crisp and clear, providing an exceptional listening experience.
  • The vinyl also includes a digital download card, allowing you to enjoy the album on different devices.

The Legacy of “Can’t Slow Down”

“Can’t Slow Down” vinyl remains a top seller, and it has been reissued several times since its release. It has also influenced many other artists, particularly in the punk rock genre. The album’s raw, emotional, and honest vibe continues to inspire fans and musicians alike.

In conclusion, the “Can’t Slow Down” vinyl by Saves the Day is an exceptional piece of music history. Its unique features, coupled with the personal and emotional songs, make it a must-have for any vinyl collector or punk rock enthusiast.

Saves the Day – Through Being Cool Vinyl

Vinyl records have made a tremendous comeback over the past decade. It’s no wonder that some of our favorite bands’ most celebrated albums have been given the vinyl treatment. Saves the Day’s “Through Being Cool” is one of those albums that fans have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on in vinyl form. Here’s why:

Sound Quality

Vinyl records have long been known for their superior sound quality compared to digital media. The warm, rich, and deep sound makes listening to music a more immersive experience. “Through Being Cool” sounds even better in vinyl form than any other medium.


For those who grew up during the punk-pop and emo revival of the late 90s and early 2000s, “Through Being Cool” can be a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The vinyl version is like a time machine that takes us back to that era’s music scene.


Vinyl records are not only a medium for listening to music – they are also a collectible item. Fans of Saves the Day would love to add the “Through Being Cool” vinyl to their collection. The album’s artwork and packaging have been given a fresh new look that makes it even more appealing.

Limited Edition

The “Through Being Cool” vinyl is a limited edition release, making it even more exciting for die-hard fans. The record has been reissued on different color variants and with exclusive bonus material, making it a must-have for any Saves the Day fan.

Final Thoughts

Saves the Day’s “Through Being Cool” is one of those albums that will always be relevant, no matter how much time passes. The vinyl version of this album is a collector’s item that will help keep the band’s legacy alive. Its sound quality, nostalgic value, collectibility, and limited edition status make it an absolute must-have for any fans of Saves the Day or the emo genre.