The Ultimate Guide to the Best Young Nudy Songs: Top Tracks, Albums, and More

If you’re into hip hop, you probably know Young Nudy. This talented young rapper has been taking the music world by storm with his infectious beats and clever lyrics. With a net worth of over 2 million dollars, Young Nudy has become one of the most well-known young rappers of our time.

But with so many amazing tracks to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start with his music. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to the best Young Nudy songs. From his earliest tracks to his latest releases, we’ve got you covered on all things Young Nudy.

In this post, we’ll explore the top 10 best Young Nudy songs of all time. We’ll also look at Young Nudy’s net worth and albums ranked in order of greatness. If you’re new to Young Nudy’s music, we’ll give you some background on who he is and answer some common questions like “Is Young Nudy 21 Savage?” and “What is Young Nudy’s best song?”

Plus, if you’re looking for the easiest song to rap along to or songs named after food, we have got you covered. This post has everything you need to know about Young Nudy and his music, making it the ultimate resource for young adults who love rap and hip hop. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of Young Nudy!

Spotify: Best Place to Find Young Nudy’s Songs

Young Nudy has a fantastic catalog of music, making it difficult for any fan to pick a favorite. Spotify is the perfect platform to explore and stream Young Nudy’s top tracks. Here’s why:

Discover Young Nudy’s Latest Hits

Spotify offers users a chance to stay up-to-date with Young Nudy’s latest songs. It also suggests playlists and radio stations that include Young Nudy’s tracks, making it easy to discover more of the artist’s work.

Listen to Young Nudy’s Albums

Spotify lets users listen to Young Nudy’s discography in chronological order, enabling fans to experience the progression of the artist’s music style. Plus, it makes it easy for fans to listen to their favorite albums without having to skip tracks.

Create a Young Nudy Playlist

Spotify allows users to create custom playlists, including their favorite Young Nudy tracks. Users can also share playlists with friends, opening up opportunities to introduce others to the artist’s work.

Check Out Young Nudy’s Collaborations

Young Nudy has collaborated with a range of other artists, including 21 Savage, Playboi Carti, and Lil Uzi Vert. Spotify makes it easy for fans to explore these collaborations and discover new music in the process.


Spotify is the best place for Young Nudy fans to explore and stream their favorite songs. With its various features, users can discover new tracks, listen to entire albums, create custom playlists, and explore collaborations with other artists. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear Young Nudy’s music in all its glory.

The Easiest Young Nudy Songs to Rap Along With

If you’re a fan of Young Nudy’s music, you may want to try your hand at rapping and singing along with his songs. There are a lot of excellent Young Nudy tunes out there, but some are easier to rap than others. Here are some of the easiest Young Nudy songs to rap along with:


“EA” is one of the easiest Young Nudy songs to rap along with. It has a clear and catchy hook that’s easy to remember, and the verses aren’t too fast or difficult to follow. Plus, the lyrics are repetitive, which makes learning the song even easier.

“No Go”

“No Go” is another popular Young Nudy song that’s easy to rap along with. It has a laid-back, relaxed vibe, and the verses aren’t too complex. The song’s chorus is also easy to remember, making it a great option for beginners.

“Pissy Pamper”

“Pissy Pamper” is a Young Nudy song that gained a lot of popularity on TikTok. It’s an easy song to rap along with, thanks to its catchy hook and simple verses. The lyrics are also repetitive, which makes it easier to memorize.

“Since When”

“Since When” has a slower tempo than some other Young Nudy songs, which makes it an easier option for those who are just getting started with rapping. The flow of the verses is also relatively easy to follow, which makes it a great song for beginners.

“Long Ride”

“Long Ride” is a Young Nudy song that’s perfect for those who want to practice their cadence and flow. While the verses aren’t overly complicated, the song’s flow and rhythm can be challenging to master. With practice, however, it’s an excellent song for aspiring rappers.

“Faded in the Booth”

“Faded in the Booth” is a slower Young Nudy song that’s perfect for those who are just starting to learn how to rap. The lyrics are catchy and the verses aren’t too fast or complex, making it an easy song to learn.


Young Nudy has a lot of fantastic songs, but some are easier to rap along with than others. If you’re just starting with rapping, give “EA,” “No Go,” “Pissy Pamper,” “Since When,” “Long Ride,” and “Faded in the Booth” a try. With practice, you’ll be rapping like a pro in no time!

Young Nudy Net Worth

Young Nudy is an American rapper whose real name is Quantavious Thomas. He is known for his unique style of hip hop and rap, which has gained him a large fan following over the years. While he may not be a household name just yet, Young Nudy is no doubt making waves in the rap industry, and fans are clamoring to know more about him and his net worth.

Early Life and Career

Young Nudy was born in East Atlanta, Georgia, in 1992. He grew up in a rough neighborhood, and music became his escape. He started writing music when he was just 15 years old and quickly began to hone his skills. It wasn’t until 2015, though, that he released his first mixtape, titled “Slimeball.” The mixtape gained attention from the music industry, and Young Nudy started to gain a following.

Young Nudy’s Net Worth

Young Nudy’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This fortune comes from his music career, shows, and collaborations with other artists. Despite being in the industry for a relatively short amount of time, Young Nudy has made a name for himself and has been recognized for his unique talent and style.

Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind when considering Young Nudy’s net worth:

  • Young Nudy is an American rapper who hails from East Atlanta, Georgia.
  • His unique style of rap has gained him a strong following in the music industry.
  • His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

In conclusion, Young Nudy may be considered a rising star in the music industry, but his net worth and success are nothing to scoff at. With his raw talent and a style that sets him apart from others in his field, it’s clear that Young Nudy is a force to be reckoned with. As he continues to evolve and grow in his career, it will be interesting to see where his net worth will stand in the coming years.

Best Young Nudy Songs: Young Nudy Song Names

If you’re looking for some fresh, clever, and powerful music to add to your playlist, look no further than Young Nudy. With his unique style, memorable lyrics, and catchy beats, Young Nudy has been making waves in the hip-hop scene for some time now. In this section, we’ll be exploring some of his top tracks you need to hear.

Top Young Nudy Songs

Here are some of Young Nudy’s most popular tracks that you don’t want to miss:

1. “No Clue”

  • This song is a banger that showcases Young Nudy’s lyrical prowess and versatile flow.
  • The beat is energetic, and the hook is catchy, making it a top pick for any rap fan.

2. “Zone 6”

  • This track is like an anthem for Young Nudy’s hometown.
  • The lyrics are relatable and honest, and the beat is heavy, making it perfect for cruising around.

3. “Do That”

  • “Do That” is a standout track with a melodic flow and catchy hook.
  • The beat is minimalistic and serves as a perfect backdrop to Nudy’s bars.

4. “Ferris Wheel”

  • This song features a hypnotic melody, and Nudy’s rhythmic rap compliments it perfectly.
  • It’s an example of Nudy’s ability to blend catchy lyrics with an atmospheric sound.

5. “Extendo” ft. Lil Uzi Vert

  • This track is a collaboration between two of the hottest names in hip-hop.
  • The beat is fast-paced, and both rappers complement each other with their lyrics and flow.

6. “Mister”

  • “Mister” is a standout track with a groovy beat and catchy hook.
  • It’s a prime example of Young Nudy’s unique flow and style that sets him apart from other rappers.

Young Nudy has undoubtedly made his mark in the rap game with his captivating lyrics and unique style. With a wide array of top tracks to choose from, it’s no wonder he’s garnered so much attention from fans and critics alike. Whether you’re a die-hard rap fan or someone looking to expand their musical tastes, be sure to give these Young Nudy songs a listen.

Famous Early Rap Songs: A Look Back in Time

As we delve into the world of Young Nudy’s music, it’s important not to forget the pioneers of rap who paved the way for artists like him. Here are some of the most famous early rap songs that helped shape the genre we know and love today:

Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang

  • Released in 1979
  • Considered the first mainstream rap song
  • Samples the bassline from Chic’s “Good Times”

The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

  • Released in 1982
  • Addresses the social and economic problems faced by black communities in the US
  • Considered one of the most influential rap songs of all time

It’s Like That by Run-DMC

  • Released in 1983
  • Introduces the “new school” rap style with a stripped-back beat and aggressive delivery
  • Became a crossover hit, paving the way for rap’s mainstream success

Fight The Power by Public Enemy

  • Released in 1989
  • Addresses issues of racism and police brutality
  • Became a rallying cry for the hip hop community in the late 80s and early 90s

Nuthin’ But a G Thang by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg

  • Released in 1992
  • Showcases the emerging West Coast gangsta rap sound
  • Became a massive commercial success, introducing many to the world of rap for the first time

These early rap songs helped establish the style, themes, and sound of the genre, paving the way for Young Nudy and other contemporary artists to build upon their legacy. While the music has evolved over time, it’s important to acknowledge and honor those who came before us.

Songs for Young Adults

If you’re a young adult, you’re probably always on the lookout for great music to add to your playlist. Fortunately, Young Nudy has released a lot of songs that are perfect for people in their 20s and 30s. Here are some of the best Young Nudy songs for young adults:

1. “No Problem”

This song is perfect for young adults who are feeling confident and carefree. With its catchy beat and upbeat lyrics, “No Problem” is sure to get you in the mood to party.

2. “Mister”

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you’ve probably experienced some ups and downs in your love life. “Mister” is a great song for anyone who’s ever been in a complicated relationship. Its relatable lyrics and smooth beat make it a standout track on any playlist.

3. “Do It with the”

If you’re looking for a song to turn up to with your friends, “Do It with the” is the perfect choice. Its catchy chorus and fun lyrics make it a great party anthem for young adults.

4. “Kid Cudi”

If you’re a fan of Kid Cudi, you’ll love this collaboration between Young Nudy and 21 Savage. Its laid-back vibe and introspective lyrics make it a standout track on any playlist.

5. “Money Makin Mitch”

For young adults who are all about the hustle, “Money Makin Mitch” is the perfect anthem. Its catchy beat and lyrics about getting money will motivate you to work harder and reach your goals.

6. “Sherbert”

If you’re looking for a chill track to listen to while you relax or study, “Sherbert” is a great choice. Its mellow beat and dreamy lyrics make it a great addition to any chill playlist.

Key Takeaways

  • Young Nudy has released a lot of songs that are perfect for young adults.
  • “No Problem,” “Mister,” “Do It with the,” “Kid Cudi,” “Money Makin Mitch,” and “Sherbert” are some of the best Young Nudy songs for young adults.
  • These songs cover a range of topics, from love and relationships to partying and hustling.
  • Whether you’re feeling confident and carefree or introspective and contemplative, there’s a Young Nudy song for you.

Is Young Nudy 21 Savage?

If you are a fan of rap music, you might have heard of the two hip-hop artists Young Nudy and 21 Savage. Both are Atlanta-based rappers who have been making waves in the industry with their unique style and catchy lyrics. However, there has been a lot of debate on whether Young Nudy and 21 Savage are the same person or related in any way. In this section, we will shed some light on the subject and see if there is any truth to the rumors.

Who is Young Nudy?

Let’s start by introducing Young Nudy. His real name is Quantavious Thomas, and he was born on December 17, 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia. Young Nudy is a rapper and songwriter who rose to fame with his 2017 mixtape “Slime Ball,” which received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. He has since released several other successful projects, including “Slime Ball 2,” “Nudy Land,” and “Sli’merre.”

Who is 21 Savage?

On the other hand, 21 Savage’s real name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, but he is better known by his stage name. He was born on October 22, 1992, in London, England, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia, when he was seven years old. Like Young Nudy, 21 Savage is also a rapper and songwriter who gained recognition with his debut single “X” featuring Future in 2016. He has since released several hit singles and collaborated with numerous artists, including Post Malone, Cardi B, and Drake.

Are Young Nudy and 21 Savage related?

Despite their shared Atlanta roots and similar music styles, Young Nudy and 21 Savage are not related. In fact, the two artists are only acquaintances and have never collaborated on any music projects. However, their fans often compare their music and speculate about their relationship due to their similar backgrounds and musical influences.

How are Young Nudy and 21 Savage different?

Although Young Nudy and 21 Savage share some similarities, they also have many differences that set them apart. Here are a few key differences to note:

  • Musical style and genre: While both rappers are known for their trap music style, Young Nudy’s music tends to be more melodic and playful, while 21 Savage’s music is darker and more aggressive.
  • Lyrics and themes: Young Nudy often raps about his experiences growing up in Atlanta, relationships, and partying, while 21 Savage’s lyrics touch on topics such as violence, drugs, and his troubled past.
  • Personal life: Young Nudy is known for being private about his personal life and rarely shares details with the media, while 21 Savage has been more open about his life and struggles, including his immigration status and family background.

In conclusion, Young Nudy and 21 Savage are two separate artists who have unique styles and backgrounds. While they may share some similarities and have crossed paths in the Atlanta rap scene, there is no evidence to suggest that they are related or the same person.

Young Nudy Albums Ranked

Young Nudy has been blazing his own trail in the rap game since his breakout mixtape “Slimeball.” With a distinct style and undeniable talents, the Atlanta rapper has proven himself to be one of the best up-and-coming artists in the industry. Here are his top five albums ranked from best to worst!

1. “Slimeball 3” (2018)

This album represents everything that Young Nudy does well. The gritty beats and hard-hitting lyrics showcase his skills as a rapper, and the deep introspection throughout the album sets it apart from his other work.

2. “Nudy Land” (2017)

“Nudy Land” was Young Nudy’s first major release, and it did not disappoint. With blended trap beats and Nudy’s signature monotone flow, this album captures the essence of Atlanta rap.

3. “Sli’merre” (2019)

Young Nudy teams up with the Atlanta producer Pi’erre Bourne for this album, which features a more experimental sound than his previous work. The album has a unique blend of hard-hitting beats and quieter moments that make it stand out.

4. “Anyways” (2020)

“Anyways” is a solid effort from Young Nudy. Although it may not be his most innovative album, it still provides a good showcase of Nudy’s skills as a rapper. The beats are consistent, and Nudy’s flow is as strong as ever.

5. “Slimeball 2” (2017)

While “Slimeball 2” is still a decent album, it’s evident that Young Nudy was still refining his style at the time of its release. However, that doesn’t mean the album isn’t worth a listen; it still has some standout tracks that showcase Nudy’s talent.

In conclusion,

Young Nudy has had an impressive career so far, and it’s exciting to see what direction his music will take in the future. No matter which album you decide to listen to first, one thing is clear: Young Nudy is a force to be reckoned with in the rap game.

Top 10 Best Young Rappers

When it comes to the rap game, young artists are steadily paving their way to the top. Here are the top 10 best young rappers who have made an impact in the industry with their unique sound, style, and lyrical prowess.

1. Lil Baby

Lil Baby, also known as Dominique Jones, has taken the rap world by storm with his smooth flow and raw lyrics. He gained recognition for his debut mixtape, Perfect Timing, and has since released several other successful albums, including My Turn, which went platinum in 2020.

2. Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch, born Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr., made a name for himself with his breakout hit single, “The Box.” His melodic style and introspective lyrics have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

3. Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion, also known as Megan Pete, is a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. Her unapologetic lyrics and fierce delivery have earned her several hit singles, including “Savage” and “WAP.”

4. DaBaby

DaBaby, born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, burst onto the scene with his debut album, Baby on Baby, and has since become one of the most popular rappers of his generation. His high-energy performances and clever punchlines have earned him a large following.

5. Polo G

Polo G, born Taurus Tremani Bartlett, is a Chicago rapper who has made a name for himself with his introspective lyrics and emotional storytelling. His album, The Goat, debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 in 2020.

6. NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa, born Bryson Lashun Potts, came onto the scene with his viral hit, “Shotta Flow,” and has since become known for his energetic performances and catchy hooks. He has also been vocal about his interest in spirituality and self-improvement.

7. Lil Tecca

Lil Tecca, born Tyler Justin Anthony Sharpe, gained fame with his hit single, “Ransom,” which peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019. His melodic flow and catchy hooks have made him a rising star in the rap game.

8. Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD, born Jarad Anthony Higgins, tragically passed away at the age of 21, but not before leaving a lasting impact on the rap game. His emotional lyrics and genre-bending sound have inspired a generation of young artists.

9. Ski Mask The Slump God

Ski Mask The Slump God, born Stokeley Clevon Goulbourne, is known for his high-energy flow and playful lyrics. He gained recognition for his collaborations with the late XXXTentacion and has since become a staple in the rap community.

10. YBN Cordae

YBN Cordae, born Cordae Amari Dunston, gained critical acclaim for his debut album, The Lost Boy, which earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album. His thoughtful lyrics and dynamic flow have earned him a spot as one of the best young rappers in the game.

In conclusion, these young rappers are taking the rap game by storm with their unique styles and lyrical talents. It’s exciting to see what the future holds for this new generation of artists.

What’s Young Nudy’s Best Song?

Young Nudy is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, known for his unique style and catchy beats. Over the years, he has released several hits and collaborations with other artists that have captured the attention of his fans.

Here are some of his best songs that are worth checking out:

“Zone 6”

This song is one of Young Nudy’s most popular tracks that put him on the map. The beat is catchy, and his lyrics are relatable to anyone who has experienced the struggles of living in Zone 6, Atlanta.


“Mister” is another great song that showcases Young Nudy’s lyrical prowess. The upbeat tempo and catchy hook make it an enjoyable track to listen to, especially when you’re in the mood for something dope and playful.

“Pissy Pamper”

“Pissy Pamper” is a viral hit featuring Playboi Carti and Young Nudy. The catchy hook and beat make it a perfect party anthem that you can’t help but nod your head to.

“No Problem”

“No Problem” is a standout track from Young Nudy’s collaboration with Pi’erre Bourne titled “Sli’merre.” The beat is insane, and the lyrics are full of energy, making it a great workout or driving song.


“Extendo” is another banger that showcases Young Nudy’s vocal range. The beat is smooth, and his lyrics are relatable, making it a dope track that you can listen to over and over again.

“Long Ride”

“Long Ride” is a standout track from “Slimeball 3.” The hypnotic beat and Nudy’s flow make it a must-listen track that you can’t afford to miss.


Young Nudy’s music has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something that’s hype, playful, or just plain dope, Nudy’s got you covered. These six tracks are just a few of his best songs that showcase his unique style and talent. Give them a listen, and you won’t be disappointed.

Young Nudy’s Songs Named After Food

Young Nudy is known for his unique and catchy song titles. Some of his tracks are even named after food, adding a fun and playful element to his music. Here are some of Young Nudy’s best songs named after different types of food:

“Pissy Pamper”

This song, also known as “Kid Cudi,” gained popularity after it was leaked online featuring fellow Atlanta-based rapper Playboi Carti. The song’s title is inspired by the Kid Cudi brand of chicken noodle soup, which is popular among young adults and various parodies.


Released in 2019, “Mister” is named after the classic ice cream sandwiches with two chocolate wafers and vanilla ice cream in the middle. The song includes a catchy chorus referencing the dessert, “I eat ice cream, so I’m a chill guy.”

“Nudy Land”

Inspired by the popular candy bar Snickers, “Nudy Land” reflects the rapper’s love for sweets. The song’s chorus repeats the famous slogan used by Snickers, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” showcasing the artist’s playful yet clever lyricism.

“Yeah Yeah”

One of Young Nudy’s earliest hits, “Yeah Yeah,” is named after the famous ice cream bar with a chocolate coating and vanilla ice cream filling. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy hook make it a fan favorite and a great addition to any party playlist.

“Cancer Stick No Pressure”

While not directly named after a food item, “Cancer Stick No Pressure” references a popular fried chicken spot in Atlanta called J.R. Cricket’s. In the song, Young Nudy says he is “at the Cricket’s eating chicken, got smoky flavor on my fingers,” referencing the restaurant’s famous smoked wings.

From savory to sweet, Young Nudy’s songs named after food add a unique touch to his already distinct musical style. These tracks showcase his ability to infuse humor and personality into his lyrics while maintaining his signature trap sound.