There’s Something About Her Deftones: A Deep Dive into the Band’s Most Enigmatic Lyrics

Deftones has been around for over three decades, and their unique blend of metal, alternative, and shoegaze have made them one of the most beloved bands of the ’90s and beyond. But what sets them apart from other metal bands is their ability to evoke emotions that go beyond anger and aggression. In particular, many fans have been drawn to the band’s lyrics, which are often cryptic, poetic, and laden with symbolism.

One of the most enigmatic themes in Deftones’ music is their portrayal of women. From “Around the Fur” to “Mascara”, the band has written some of the most beautiful and haunting lyrics about women in the history of rock music. But what do these lyrics actually mean? In this blog post, we’ll try to find out. We’ll explore the meaning behind songs like “My Own Summer,” “I Hate Your Tattoos,” and “Long Shady Eyes,” and discuss what these songs tell us about Deftones’ view of women.

But first, let’s take a brief look at the band’s history. Deftones was formed in Sacramento, California, in 1988, and they released their first album, “Adrenaline,” in 1995. Since then, they have released eight more albums, each showcasing the band’s unique sound and style. Despite their success, they have always maintained a level of mystery and mystique, refusing to conform to any one genre or style.

So, get ready to delve into the ethereal world of Deftones’ music, and let’s figure out what makes their lyrics about women so haunting and unforgettable. From the apocalyptic visions of “My Own Summer” to the raw pain of “I Hate Your Tattoos,” there’s something about her Deftones that will captivate and enthrall you.

Long Shady Eyes: The Meaning Behind Deftones’ Lyrics

Deftones is known for their dark and mysterious lyrics that often leave fans pondering their meaning. One of the most intriguing songs of the band is “Something About Her,” specifically the line “long shady eyes.” In this section, we will delve into the meaning behind these enigmatic words.

The Song’s Background

“Something About Her” is a song from the album “Gore,” released by Deftones in 2016. The song’s lyrics talk about a woman who seems to have a profound impact on the singer and his emotions. The song’s overall theme is about the singer’s struggle to connect with this woman and understand her.

Long Shady Eyes: Decoding the Lyrics

“Long shady eyes” is a phrase that appears repeatedly throughout the song. Some have interpreted it as a reference to the woman’s physical appearance, but upon closer inspection, there seems to be more to it than that.

Here are some possible interpretations of the phrase:

  • Eyes that hide secrets: The phrase “shady” can mean secretive or mysterious. Therefore, long shady eyes might refer to a woman who is cryptic and elusive.

  • Eyes that reveal darkness: “Shady” can also suggest darkness or gloominess. Therefore, long shady eyes could suggest a woman who has a dark side.

  • Eyes that evoke longing: The term “long” adds emphasis to the eyes, which could imply that they have a captivation effect on the singer. Their gaze may leave him longing for more.

  • Eyes that hold power: The phrase “shady” might also be an allusion to the power of shadows. Eyes that cast long shadows may represent a woman who holds great power and influence over the singer.

The meaning of “long shady eyes” is subjective and depends on the interpretation of the listener. Deftones’ lyrics often have multiple meanings that are open to the listener’s interpretation.

What is your interpretation of the lyrics? Does the phrase hold any personal significance for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

I Hate Your Tattoos: Deftones

Are you a fan of Deftones, but there’s just one thing that bugs you about the lead singer, Chino Moreno? You guessed it, his tattoos! As much as you love the guy and his music, you have this one little gripe – you hate his tattoos. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. There are plenty of others out there who feel the same way. In this subsection, we’ll discuss why some people hate Chino Moreno’s tattoos.

They’re Too Busy

One of the first things you might notice about Chino’s tattoos is that they’re pretty busy. There’s a lot going on, and it can be overwhelming. Some people prefer simpler designs that are easier on the eyes. It’s understandable if Chino’s ink isn’t your cup of tea.

They’re Not Symmetrical

Another reason why some people dislike Chino’s tattoos is that they’re not symmetrical. This might not be a big deal for some people, but for others, symmetry is essential when it comes to body art. Tattoo enthusiasts believe that symmetry creates balance and harmony, making tattoos more aesthetically pleasing.

They Don’t Have a Unified Theme

Chino’s tattoos aren’t cohesive, meaning that they don’t share a common theme that ties them all together. Some people prefer tattoos that tell a story or have a symbolic meaning. When tattoos don’t have a unified theme, they can look disjointed and random.

They’re Too Dark

Chino’s tattoos are pretty dark, which can be a turn-off for some people. Although dark tattoos are more intense and dramatic, they can also be harder to read and decipher. Lighter colors can make tattoos pop and stand out more. In contrast, dark tattoos can be harder to appreciate.

The Verdict

While some might hate Chino Moreno’s tattoos, others think they’re pretty cool. At the end of the day, the beauty of tattoos is in the eye of the beholder. Tattoos are a personal form of expression and can mean different things to different people. Whether you love them or hate them, Chino’s tattoos are a part of him, and that’s all that matters.

Deftones “My Own Summer” Meaning

Deftones is a band known for their haunting yet melodic sound and powerful lyrics that often deal with dark and intense themes. “My Own Summer” is one of Deftones’ most popular songs, and it’s a prime example of their unique style. In this section, we’re diving deep into the meaning behind the song.

The Many Interpretations of “My Own Summer”

“My Own Summer” is one of those songs that can be interpreted in many different ways. Here are a few possible meanings:

  • Embracing individuality – The lyrics “I had my own summer / I share it with you” might suggest that the song is about finding one’s own path in life, even if it’s not the norm. It’s about embracing individuality and being proud of it, regardless of what others may think.
  • Escaping reality – Another interpretation is that “My Own Summer” is a song about escape. The lyrics “Hey you, big star / Tell me when it’s over” and “This place is never what it seems” might suggest that the song is about escaping a difficult situation or reality.
  • Taking control – The lyrics “I can’t decide what’s wrong / Which way should I go? / If I could only know” might suggest that the song is about taking control of one’s life. It’s about making difficult choices and taking responsibility for them.

The Music of “My Own Summer”

While the lyrics of “My Own Summer” are open to interpretation, the music is just as important in conveying the song’s meaning. Here are a few things to take note of:

  • The guitar riff – The song’s unforgettable guitar riff is one of its most defining aspects. It’s a simple, yet powerful riff that sets the tone for the entire song.
  • The heavy sound – “My Own Summer” is a heavy song, both in terms of its sound and its message. The pounding drums, distorted guitars, and Chino Moreno’s intense vocals all contribute to the song’s dark and intense vibe.
  • The contrast between light and dark – Despite its heavy sound, “My Own Summer” also has moments of lightness and beauty. The soft, melodic interlude that comes in around the two-minute mark is a perfect example.

Key Takeaways

  • “My Own Summer” is a Deftones classic that can be interpreted in many different ways.
  • The song is about individuality, escape, and taking control of one’s life.
  • The song’s heavy sound and haunting vocals contribute to its intense vibe.
  • The contrast between light and dark makes “My Own Summer” a unique and memorable song.

If you’re a Deftones fan, “My Own Summer” is a must-listen. It’s a powerful song that showcases everything that makes this band so special.

Around the Fur Deftones Lyrics

Deftones are a band known for their unique sound and lyricism. One of their most iconic albums is “Around the Fur,” which was released in 1997. The lyrics in the album are no exception to their standard of incredible depth and meaning. In this subsection, we’ll dive into some of the best lyrics from the album.

Be Quiet and Drive

  • “This town, don’t feel mine, I’m fast to get away, far”
  • “I’m road, I’m road, I’m out of here for good”
  • “Can you see, I stole the road that I’m on from a sea of glass, we made it”

My Own Summer

  • “Hey you, big star, tell me when it’s over, hey you, high up in the sky, learn to live like a threat”
  • “Hey you, big moon, student of the 1st degree, hey you, my purple friend, don’t you say it’s the end”


  • “I feel soon that I’m gonna crash, against these walls, I built, oh well”
  • “I am a patient boy”


  • “Fist up in the air, in the land of hypocrisy”
  • “So don’t shut up your eyes and listen to me”


  • “The more you speak the less I hear”
  • “My head, it deals, with names and faces”

These are just a few examples of the incredible lyricism found in “Around the Fur” by Deftones. The album is a true masterpiece and a must-listen for anyone who appreciates great music.

Deftones’ “Mascara” Lyrics: A Deep Dive into Its Meaning

Deftones’ “Mascara” is a powerful song that has become a fan favorite due to its haunting melody and compelling lyrics. This song has a lot to unpack, with many interpretations of its meaning and message. In this subsection, we are going to explore the lyrics of “Mascara” and its deeper meanings.

“Mascara” Lyrics Breakdown

The lyrics of “Mascara” are not easy to decipher, as there are many different interpretations of what Chino Moreno (the lead vocalist of Deftones) is trying to say. Below are some notable lines and their possible meanings:

  • “I don’t feel the way you do, I’m in love with another girl”: This line suggests that the narrator is in love with someone else and is not interested in the person he is talking to.
  • “I would kiss you but I know that I would be lying”: This line shows that the narrator is aware of the other person’s attraction to him but is not willing to lead them on.
  • “I’ll watch your face as you turn blue and run around like a chicken without a head”: This line is quite dark and implies that someone is suffocating or choking. Some believe this line is a metaphor for the toxic relationship between the narrator and the person he is talking to.
  • “Nothing to hold on to, I came here empty-handed”: This line suggests that the narrator does not have anything to offer in terms of a meaningful relationship and that he is emotionally empty.

Interpreting the Song’s Message

So what does it all mean? “Mascara” is a song about a failed relationship and the emotions that come with it. It is a song that speaks to the pain of unrequited love, the guilt of leading someone on, and the emptiness that comes with a meaningless relationship.

One common interpretation suggests that the lyrics of “Mascara” are about infidelity and are a confession of Chino Moreno’s own mistakes in relationships. There is also a theory that the song is about addiction, as Mascara is a brand of makeup that is often used to numb emotional pain.

Key Takeaways

  • The lyrics of “Mascara” are not easy to interpret and have multiple meanings.
  • The song is about the emotions that come with failed relationships, unrequited love, and emptiness.
  • It is believed that the song may also be about infidelity or addiction.

In conclusion, “Mascara” is a powerful song that speaks to the emotions that come with a failed relationship. The lyrics are dark and ambiguous, making it challenging to understand their full meaning. However, regardless of its interpretation, “Mascara” remains a fan favorite due to its haunting melody and compelling lyrics.