TOM DELONGE 2002: The Rise and Fall of the Blink-182 Frontman

Tom DeLonge needs no introduction to those familiar with rock band Blink-182. As its primary songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist, he helped shape the sound of pop-punk in the late ’90s and early 2000s. But beyond that, his eccentric personality and zeal for extraterrestrial life have made headlines over the years.

For this blog post, we’ll be focusing on Tom DeLonge in 2002 – a year that saw significant events in his career, personal life, and beliefs. From the release of Blink-182’s untitled album to his interest in aliens leading to the formation of Angels & Airwaves, we’ll be diving deep into what made this year so pivotal for the rockstar.

But first, let’s address some questions that may come to mind. Is Tom DeLonge a vegan? Did he get kicked out of high school? What happened to him after he left Blink-182 in 2005? We’ll touch upon these topics and more, so get ready for an in-depth exploration of one of pop-punk’s most polarizing figures!

Tom DeLonge 2023: What’s He Up to Now?

Tom DeLonge, former member of Blink-182, has always been a figure on the forefront of the music industry. But what about his plans for the future? Here’s what we know about Tom DeLonge 2023:

His Music Career

  • Tom DeLonge has been quiet on the music front for a while now, but there have been whispers of him working on new music.
  • In a recent interview, he teased that he’s been working on “the best thing he’s ever done,” but couldn’t give any further details.
  • He’s been collaborating with a variety of artists, including Avril Lavigne and Angels & Airwaves bandmate Ilan Rubin.

His UFO Research

  • While Tom DeLonge is widely known for his music career, he’s also been deeply invested in UFO research for years.
  • In 2017, he co-founded To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a company dedicated to studying UFOs and other unexplained phenomena.
  • In May 2021, the United States Navy confirmed the authenticity of leaked UFO videos that were released by the Academy in 2017.

His Directing Career

  • Tom DeLonge has also dipped his toes into the world of directing, having directed a number of music videos and two feature films.
  • His film Love received mixed reviews when it was released in 2011, but he has since expressed interest in directing more movies.
  • In a recent interview, he explained that he’s been writing a horror movie, which he plans to direct in the future.

His Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • In addition to his many creative pursuits, Tom DeLonge has also dabbled in the world of entrepreneurship.
  • He co-founded the clothing company Atticus, as well as the record label To The Stars.
  • He’s also in the process of opening a restaurant and entertainment venue called The Lonely Astronaut.

Tom DeLonge may have stepped away from the mainstream music scene for a while, but his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit continue to thrive. Whether he’s exploring strange phenomena or starting new businesses, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the years to come.

Tom DeLonge 2002 Tour Dates

In 2002, Tom DeLonge embarked on a tour that would go down in history as one of the most epic events in rock and roll. The tour spanned across the United States and showcased DeLonge’s raw talent and energetic stage presence. Here are some highlights of the Tom DeLonge 2002 tour dates:


  • During the 2002 tour, DeLonge performed both Blink-182’s greatest hits and songs from his newly formed band, Box Car Racer. The setlist included classics like “All the Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again?”, “The Adventure”, and “Elevator”.
  • Fans were also treated to a sneak peek of some previously unreleased Box Car Racer tracks, including “There Is” and “I Feel So”.

Tour Dates

  • The tour kicked off on October 17, 2002, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and concluded on November 27, 2002, in Dallas, Texas.
  • DeLonge performed in over 20 cities during the tour, including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, and Boston.

Memorable Moments

  • The Tom DeLonge 2002 tour dates were not without some unforgettable moments. DeLonge was notorious for his on-stage banter, and the tour provided plenty of opportunities for him to showcase his comedic side.
  • One such moment occurred during his show in Minneapolis when he playfully teased a fan for throwing their bra on stage. DeLonge joked that “you don’t just throw away a good bra like that,” much to the crowd’s delight.
  • Another memorable moment occurred during his show in Chicago when DeLonge gave an impromptu performance of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song. It was a lighthearted moment that showcased his fun-loving personality.

The Tom DeLonge 2002 tour dates were a defining moment in his career, and the memories created during that time will stay with fans forever. If you were lucky enough to attend one of these shows, you know just how special they were.

What Happened to Tom DeLonge?

Tom DeLonge rocketed to fame as the co-founder of the pop-punk band Blink-182 in the late 90s and early 2000s. He was known for his infectious energy, catchy guitar riffs, and irreverent sense of humor. DeLonge was also a skilled songwriter, penning hits like “All the Small Things” and “What’s My Age Again?” that still get airplay to this day.

But in 2005, DeLonge abruptly left Blink-182, citing “creative differences.” Fans were shocked and dismayed – what had happened to their favorite punk rocker? Here’s a rundown of what we know about DeLonge’s departure from Blink-182 and what he’s been up to since then:

The Split

  • In 2004, Blink-182 went on an indefinite hiatus, with each member pursuing solo projects.
  • DeLonge initially formed a new band called Angels & Airwaves, but tensions between him and Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus reportedly continued to simmer.
  • In 2005, DeLonge announced he was leaving Blink-182 for good. He later stated in interviews that the band had become too “comfortable” and that he wanted to push himself creatively.

Angels & Airwaves

  • DeLonge’s new band, Angels & Airwaves, released their debut album, “We Don’t Need to Whisper,” in 2006.
  • The band’s sound was a departure from Blink-182’s punk rock roots, incorporating elements of space rock and electronic music.
  • Angels & Airwaves enjoyed some commercial success, but they never achieved the same level of mainstream popularity as Blink-182.

Other Projects

  • DeLonge has been involved in a variety of other projects since leaving Blink-182, including writing books and producing films.
  • In 2015, he made headlines for founding a company called To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, which aims to investigate UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.
  • DeLonge has also continued to make music, both with Angels & Airwaves and as a solo artist.

Reunion Rumors

  • Blink-182 continued to perform and record without DeLonge, recruiting Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba as their new guitarist and vocalist.
  • However, rumors of a Blink-182 reunion with DeLonge have been circulating for years. In 2019, DeLonge teased a possible reunion in an interview with Kerrang!, saying that “it’s possible” he could rejoin the band.
  • As of now, though, no formal reunion has been announced.

In conclusion, Tom DeLonge’s departure from Blink-182 was a shock to fans, but it ultimately allowed him to explore new creative avenues. While his projects may not have achieved the same level of mainstream success as Blink-182, he has continued to innovate and push boundaries in his music and other endeavors. And who knows – maybe we’ll see him back on stage with his old bandmates one day.

Why Did Tom DeLonge Leave Blink 182 in 2005?

Tom DeLonge co-founded Blink 182 with Mark Hoppus in the early 1990s. Over the years, the punk band gained massive popularity with their high-energy concerts, catchy lyrics, and fun-loving antics. In 2005, however, Tom DeLonge left Blink 182, and rumors began to circulate about the reasons behind his departure. Here are some of the possible factors that contributed to his exit:

Creative Differences

According to statements made by Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, creative differences played a significant role in DeLonge’s departure. In interviews, Hoppus has stated that DeLonge was increasingly interested in exploring more experimental and atmospheric sounds, which clashed with the band’s punk rock roots.

Personal Issues

DeLonge has also cited personal issues as a reason for leaving Blink 182. In interviews, he has mentioned struggles with addiction, depression, and health concerns. He has also expressed a desire to spend more time with his family and focus on other creative projects.

Business Disputes

In addition to creative and personal factors, business disputes also played a role in DeLonge’s exit. According to Hoppus and Barker, DeLonge was increasingly difficult to work with and was not willing to compromise on the band’s financial and contractual arrangements.

Solo Projects

Following his departure from Blink 182, DeLonge focused on his solo career and other projects, including his band Angels and Airwaves and his work as a writer and entrepreneur. He has also been involved in various UFO-related initiatives, which have sparked controversy and speculation among fans and the public.

In summary, Tom DeLonge’s departure from Blink 182 in 2005 was the result of a complex mix of factors, including creative differences, personal issues, business disputes, and a desire to pursue solo projects. Although his exit was a significant loss for the band and their fans, it also paved the way for new creative opportunities and adventures for DeLonge, both within and outside of the music industry.

Did Tom DeLonge Get Expelled From High School?

Tom DeLonge, the former lead singer and guitarist of Blink-182, has always been known for his wild and rebellious behavior both on and offstage. It’s no surprise that fans have question marks on his academic background and wondered if he was ever kicked out of high school. Here’s what we know about Tom DeLonge’s high school days:

  • Tom DeLonge attended Poway High School in San Diego, California, where he developed a passion for music. He was an average student who struggled with subjects like math and science.
  • While Tom DeLonge was attending high school, he also formed Blink-182 with Mark Hoppus and Scott Raynor.
  • Tom’s rebellious nature and love for music often clashed with his academic pursuits. He frequently skipped classes to play with his band, which made it challenging for him to maintain a good attendance record.
  • Despite his poor attendance, Tom DeLonge did graduate from Poway High School in 1993. Contrary to popular belief, there is no concrete evidence that suggests he was ever expelled from high school.
  • After graduation, Tom became a full-time musician and put his academic pursuits on hold to focus on his music career.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that Tom DeLonge was not expelled from high school. While he may have struggled academically due to his love for music, he still managed to graduate. Tom’s passion for music ultimately led him to achieve success with Blink-182, and he continued to grow as a musician with his subsequent projects.